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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
05-Jul-07 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: TV is irritating
Subject: RE: BS: TV is irritating
TV is too easy of a target.   You can just as easily be irritated by radio, books, magazines, newspapers and the altercockers who sit at the counter of the local diner giving their history of the world. I can also show you piles of CD's and LP's with liner notes with "facts" that were pulled right out of the authors ass.

People make mistakes - television is created by people. You can get bent out of shape when someone mispronounces a word or uses bad grammar, but what is the big deal? Life goes on, with our without our whining.

I have worked in television and I know many people who make their living through it. I find it offensive when the industry is labeled as problematic. Most people I know really do care to get their facts right and offer something that people can learn from AND be entertained. It is not all crap.

I also find it amusing when people say they no longer own a television. Do they also boast about not reading a newspaper or reading a magazine?    Ideas and information come at us from all angles and if we can't trust ourselves to make judgements, perhaps isolation is the best bet.