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Posted By: Billy the Bus
10-Apr-00 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 21
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 21

"Trains in the Night" has been stolen - to be sung April 25th (ANZAC Day) on Stewart Island NZ. That's our version of Vet's Day - where I was going to give the team Bogle's "and the band played Waltzing Matilda".

This thread - and your post (not "Last Post" I trust) is much more appropriate for our community..:^)

Our version of the "Late Drinker's Excuse" runs like this:

"Just Left!" - 25c

"On the way!" - 50c

"Not here!" - $1

"WHO?" - $2

It was penned by barlady Maureen some 20 yrs back.

If you wan't to see the original, goto South Sea Hotel - Check out "Tonks & Till".

Hoo hoo Cobra - you can imagine the hoo hoots when I sing your words come Anzac Day - tee hee.