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Posted By: Grab
10-Apr-00 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting -- Part 2
Subject: RE: Songwriting -- Part 2
Has anyone found the problem of playing something really nice when they're just fooling around, thinking "Wow, that was cool!" and then realising they couldn't remember it?! Like the Lost Chord, all you've got is a feeling that it was really good, but you can't remember why.

I'm very tempted to get a tape recorder to document these (infrequent ;-) lapses into good playing, cos I'm usually crap. It's odd though, I've got a fairly good memory for other people's tunes, but I have real problems remembering anything I've played myself. Or I'm humming away, think "That's sound good on the guitar", then it's vanished by the time I get to an instrument. Any opinions on little dictaphones for that kind of thing? Do they pick up music at all, or is the frequency response too naff?

And while I'm comparing notes, does anyone else find they get a sweet chord sequence together and think "Hmm, that's nice - now I just need some words..." Or do ppl start with words and put a tune to them? Or do you do it as some kind of group effort?

And are all these questions rehashes of earlier threads? (sorry, I'm writing this in my lunch-break, so I can't do more than skim the other threads)