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Posted By: Hyperabid
10-Apr-00 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 21
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 21
I'm not sure if Billy Bragg ever made it over the pond with any of his work - none the less the tune seemed so apt I just had to borrow it.

In the meantime I gather the expression a quater to is mirrored in the US by a quater of or off the hour. This might help explain the first line if it causes any confusion.

Hyp ;-P

Half Empty

To the tune of New England – Billy Bragg (Kirsty McColl)
It was twenty-five to when I sat down here
Wasn't looking for no trouble was just looking for a beer
But my mum and wife and my girlfriend Sue
Don't mention the taxman on the warpath too

They're all trying to track me down for their pound of flesh
When what I really need is a drinking sesh
I don't feel so bad now the first pint's down
But what-am-I gonna tell them when they all come round

I don't want to lie and cheat
I'm not saying I'm up for sainthood
But this beverage tastes pretty sweet
I don't want dissemble
Think the Pope's safe in his job just now
Is my pint half empty or half full

Clock is ticking away and my drink's not gone
In fact I've bought myself a chaser as a follow on
I need an excuse someone bail me out please
'Cos I'm running out of stories that'll cut the breeze

I went to the booth with the sound tracks on
My life would be saved – Nothing could go wrong
I told my wife and mum my plane would be delayed
To the sound of hippopotami getting laid

I got caught and I got burned
Need a passport to leave the house now
You'd think that this time I would have learned
I'm in sh*t and it smells deep
Fido's eating steak - I'm on dog chow
What I've sown today I'm gonna reap
- Sown today I'm gonna reap
- Even my girlfriend thinks I am a creep
- Sown today I'm gonna re- - - - ap

(Last note held as guitar bit comes to an end)