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Posted By: John in Brisbane
10-Apr-00 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
Now that wasn't too bad with my 56k modem, and is approx 3,500 of the 7,000 words I've compiled to date.

More detailed Biblio stuff to follow, but this is basically an amalgam of three Scots word databases - The Burns Glossary, A more recent on-line dictionary, Tanahill Weavers Glossary. The three different types of source can be identified if future scholars would like to investigate further, but I'll add that guff later.

Likewise the presence and number of commas can be used to give an indication as to whether words which follow the main alphabetic entries are Scots synonyms or English meanings - the average folkie won't care I suspect.

In the meantime Joe and I would be keen to hear whether the Glossary downloaded quickly enough for you to be able to look something up with reasonable speed.

MSIE users can press CTRL-F to do a text search on this page. I'm sorry I don't know how Netscape works.

Regards, John

dab peck+ pierce+ push
dabbitie ornament+ a picture game
Dad daddie
dae dui do
DAE do
daein doing
Daez't dazed.
daff play+ flirt
Daffin larking
daft mentally deranged+
DAFT mad
daftlike foolish
dagie marbles game
daich daigh dough
daidle dawdle
Dails planks.
Daimen icker an odd ear of corn.
daith deeth death
dale deal plank+ portion+
Dam pent-up water
dambrod draughts board
Damie dim. of dame.
dams damss game of draughts
DANE done
dang struck
Dang pret. of ding.
DANG to hit with a blunt object
Danton v. daunton.
Darena dare not.
darg a day's work
darger casual labour
Darklins in the dark.
dask a pew
daud dod+ dad strike+ a large piece
Daud to pelt.
Daulkeith Dalkeith
daunder dander+ dauner stroll
daunle dandle
daunton subdue
Daunton to daunt.
daur dare
daurd dared
daurk dawrk dark
daurken darken
DAURKNIN' darkening/twilight
daurna darena+ darenae daren't
DAURNAE dare not
daurs dares
daursay suppose
Daur't dared.
daut pet+ fondle
Daut dawte
daver wander aimlessly
Daviely spiritless.
daw daa dawn+ a lazy person+ slut
Dawds lumps.
Dawgittie Dalgetty
dawin dawn
dawk drizzle
dawt caress
Dawtingly prettily
Dead death.
Dead-sweer extremely reluctant.
deal dale+ dail deal
dealer trader+ dealer
deave deive+ dieve deafen
DEAVE deafen
dee die
deed indeed+ to be sure
dee'd died
deek deik a glimps+ a look
deem deim doom
deemster deimster judge
deer deir deer
deevil deivil devil
defeat defait defeat
defender defendant
deg pierce
deid dead
DEID dead
deif deef deaf
deil devil
DE'IL devil
Deil-haet nothing (Devil have it).
Deil-ma-care Devil may care.
del dell delve
Deleeret delirious
deleerit deleirit delirious
delf hole or pit
delite delyte+ delicht delight
Delvin digging.
demit resign
DEN valley
denner dainer+ dainner dinner
dentielion dentylion dandelion
depone deposit
derf difficult
dern hide
dern darn
Dern'd hid.
dert dairt dart
Descrive to describe.
deser deserr deserve
destrict destrick district
deuk jouk+ jeuk duck n.
deval devall cease
Devel a stunning blow.
diced dyced chequered
dicht wipe
dichtie dirty
did duid+ daed did
Diddle to move quickly.
didna didny+ didnie+ daedna didn't
DIDNAE did not
DIEIN' dying
difeecult difeecwalt+ dificwalt difficult
differ quarrel+ dispute+
Dight to wipe.
Dight winnowed
dill soothe
dilse dulse (seaweed)
din noise+ mousy coloured+
Din dun
ding strike+ hit
dingle tingle
dink spruce
Dink trim.
dinna dinny+ dinnie don't
DINNAE do not
dinnle shake
dint affection+ liking
dird strike
dirdum tumult
dirk durk short dagger
dirl vibrate
dirlie-bane funny bone
dis diz+ daes does
disjaskit dejected
diskiver discuiver+ diskivver discover
disna daesna doesn't
dispone arrange
dit obstruct+ close+ block
div do
divna don't
divot divvot turf
Dizember December
Diz'n dizzen
dizzen dozen
docht could
dochter daughter
dochtna cannot
docken doaken dock plant
dod chunk
doddie hornless bull+ cow or sheep
DOESNAE does not
doilt dazed+ confused+ wearied
doit small copper coin
Doited muddled
doiter stumble
doitert witless
dominie headmaster
donnert stupid
Donsie vicious
dooble double
doocot doucot dovecote
Dool wo
Doolfu' doleful
DOON down
DOONFA' downfall/setting
door dure+ doar door
dort sulk
Dorty pettish.
doss tidy
dottelt senile
dou doo dove
douce gentle
Douce douse
Douce doucely
Doudl'd dandled.
Dought (pret. of dow) could.
douk dook dip+ bathe+ duck
Douked ducked.
doun doon down
dounfaa downfall
dounhauden oppressed
dounsittin sitting
Doup the bottom.
Doup-skelper bottom-smacker.
dour sullen
Dour-doure stubborn
dout doot doubt
douth dooth depressed+ gloomy
dover doze
Dow dowe
Dow a dove.
dowe dow to be able to
dowe fade away+ wither
doweless feeble
dowf duff gloomy
dowie sad
Dowie drooping
Dowilie drooping.
Downa can not.
Downa-do (can not do) lack of power.
dowp the bottom of an eggshell+
dowp bottom+ buttocks
DOWS dares
dowt cigarette-end
Doylt stupid
Doytin doddering.
doze stupefy+ stun+
dozen become cold or numb
Dozen'd torpid.
dozent stupefied+ dazed+ stupid
dozen't confound it
Dozin torpid.
drack absorb
drade dread+ dreaded
draff draff+ dregs
draible besmear+ dribble
draig drag motion of the tide
draigelt soaked+ besmeared
draigle draggle bedraggle+ dirty+ mix
Draigl't draggled.
draik soak+ drench
drake drake
drank drank
Drant prosing.
drap drop
drappit dropped
draucht draught
draunt drone
Draunting tedious.
drave drove
draw draa draw
drawn drew
dree drie endure
dreel driel+ dreil drill
dreep dreip drip
DREEPIN' dripping
dreg draig dredge+ drag
dreglins dregs
dreich tedious+ dull
DREICH gloomy
dreid dreed dread
dreidit dreaded
dreidit dread
Dreigh v. dreight.
Dreigh tedious
drew drew
drib a drop (liquid)
Dribble drizzle.
dribs dregs
Driddle to toddle.
drien driven
dring loiter
drink drink
drive dryve drive
drob prick
Droddum the breech.
drog droag drug
Drone part of the bagpipe.
DRONE bagpipe drone
Droop-rumpl't short-rumped.
droucht drought
drouchtit parched
drouk drook drench
Droukit wetted.
droun droon drown
drount drowned
drouth drooth thirst
drouthie thirsty
Drouthy thirsty.
DROW wet mist
drowe cold wet mist+ drizzle
drucken drunken+ drunk
Druken drucken
drum hillock+ ridge
drumlie muddy
DRUMLIE crowded
drumlin glacial deposit
Drummock raw meal and cold water.
drunken drunk
Drunt the huff.
drunts the sulks
Dry thirsty.
dryte drite defecate+ dirt
dub dib a puddle
dubs mud
Duddie ragged.
DUDDIE worn out
Duddies dim. of duds
duds rags+ clothes
dug dowg dog
duin dune+ din done
duin ready +done+ finished
dule dool grief
Dumfaurlin Dunfermline
dumfoond dumfoon dumfound+ amaze
dumfounder dumfooner amaze
dumfoundert amazed
dumpie depressed
dumplin dumpling
dung struck
Dung v. dang.
dunk dank+ moist+ damp
dunner dunder rumble
dunt hit+ blow
Dunted throbbed
Dunts blows.
Durk dirk.
durst dared
durstna dared not
Dusht pushed or thrown down violently.
dwaible dwabble pine+ feeble
dwall dwal dwell
Dwalling dwelling.
Dwalt dwelt.
dwaum dwam swoon
dwaumie dwamie sickly+ feeble+ dreamy
dwyne dwine dwindle
dyke dike wall
Dyke a fence (of stone or turf)
dyst doist a blow+ a thud+ fall or
dyte dite writing+ compose+ indite
dyte doit act foolish+ crazed+
Dyvor a bankrupt.