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Posted By: Folkiedave
09-Jul-07 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: 10th Saddleworth Festival, 2007
Subject: RE: 10th Saddleworth
As far as I am aware there are not many festivals that exclude fringes. Can you name one? Most make special provision. Shrewsbury for instance has a bus to take people into town for fringe events - and Warwick usually has a double decker. Both only offer camping for season ticket holders. One charges extra for camping - the other doesn't.

I am sure both would provide cheap camping had they got space but they don't and haven't ever in my experience at Warwick.

I have been to three festivals this year so far and only one had space for non-season ticket holders, (but wouldn't have had they sold more tickets of any kind), and one in particular once the festival got under way the campsite was - to all intents and purposes - as full as a chip, despite its size.

Some festivals and I can think of at least two - don't offer camping of any sort. Others, like Shrewsbury, charge extra for it.

To describe one festival as "correct diplomacy that all festival should adopt " when some festivals can't do this whether they want to or not - and to say I do believe that a true and proper festival should cater for all tastes and not exclude (as so many do, 'the fringe') seems narrow-minded to me when you are claiming to be all-inclusive.

So perhaps for the benefit of people who want to know these things, you would be kind enough to tell us which festivals you regard as "proper" and offering the "correct diplomacy" and those that don't cater for all tastes?