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Posted By: Áine
10-Apr-00 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 21
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 21
I know this is a little long -- I wrote several more verses, but I cut out (at least I hope) the more superfluous ones...

-- Áine

You Won't Believe, Dear
(Tune: You Are My Sweetheart)

You won't believe, dear
What happened to me,
While I was waiting for the next train
I met a man, dear
Some poor old cogger,
Who was wandering down the lane.

He beckoned to me,
I thought to beg, dear
Wiping his nose upon his sleeve,
He said, "Come 'ere, mate,
"Got sumfin' fer ya."
And I thought I ought to leave.

That's when I looked him
Right in the eyes, dear
And a change came over his face
He was an alien,
Not from around here,
Planning to take me to outer space!

I tried to run then,
Like you'd expect, dear
But me pins were frozen stiff
It was just like when
I drink too much, dear
And I need a little lift.

We wandered 'round a bit,
And finally found, dear
His interstellar travelling ship
But it was booted by
A meter maid, dear
So we stopped for a little nip.

Well, that old spaceman,
I have to say, dear
Must not be used to strong whiskey
After three or four,
He couldn't find the door,
So the driving was up to me.

Being an honest man,
I paid the fine, dear
And got the boot removed at last
I rolled him inside
His jolly craft, dear
And he showed me which way to blast.

I tried to tell him,
I had no licence, dear
But he belched and then fell over
Although I tried then,
To steer the ship, dear
I barely made the Cliffs of Dover.

Oh can't you hear, dear
The sea gulls calling
As they fly by overhead?
Yes, I'll be late, dear
As you can clearly hear,
So why don't you just go on to bed?