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Posted By: ceitagh
10-Apr-00 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
I can't really speak for a majority of my fellow countrypeople, but a chunk of my aquiantances make 'american jokes' the way the rest of canada makes 'newfie' jokes. This doesn't mean we won't treat any americans we may meet with courtesy, but it shows itself in odd ways sometimes. Friends who wouldn't dare make a comment about interracial relationships are mystified by the friend who is dating an american. When I've mentioned that I may be going to school in michigan next year, people stare at me blankly and ask, "you the 'States?" Of course, my friends are all Canadian patriots and insanely insecure about living next to you yanks...we make jokes about the american tourists who crossed the border to go skiing in july, and repeat incessently unsubstatiated rumors about how american tourists sew canadian flags on their bags so that people will treat them well out of the country....but we say those things 'cause canadian identity is defined primarily by not being american, so i think you can disregard all that.....