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Posted By: kendall
10-Apr-00 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
So, we eat too what? we grow what we eat, and we ship millions of tons of foodstuffs all over the world.On a bus in jamaica I saw a group of drunken Englishmen being really boorish, calling the natives "spooks" to their faces etc. And, this is only one example taken from my travels. The English think we are stupid? we were smart enough to whip their asses in two wars, then save those same asses in two other wars. Those Europeans who think we are greedy? did they ever hear of the Marshall Plan? On a trip to St. Martin I met a guy from Canada, and I asked him why he wore a Canadian flag lapel pin. He did not want to answer, but, finally he admitted, "I dont want to be mistaken for an American!" I bought him a drink, and we had a hellava good time!! It's been my experience that the real shit heads from America are the ones with money. They seem to think it makes them special. When I travel abroad, I go out of my way to be a decent human, and an honorable ambassador at large. Let's face country has a franchise on boorishness.