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Posted By: Mooh
10-Apr-00 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
This Canadian's (red wine induced) Perspective...

Well, I can't get my head around the gun stuff, rampant capitalism, two party system and so on, but you know, I once fell in love with an American girl, and I've played music with displaced Americans and it hasn't hurt me a bit. (Btw, I wish I knew where that girl was now just to tell her she was right, and to apologize...)

Sure Americans (generally) are more in your face than some other nationalities, but so many Americans (like Canadians I suppose) ARE other nationalities, or were recently, so it's not likely fair to generalize.

Having said this however, I do sense that "ugly American" thing so often that it makes me wince. I wonder if the rampant violence in film and TV contributes to this...

If I may offer my $0.02 though, last few presidents have been complete Bozos while in office and maybe that makes the "ugly American" so easy to accept. Don't play follow the leader with these guys and you won't look like them. (Yeah, yeah I know, I should talk, my provincial premier's heroes are Bozos, so so is he, but I never voted for him, and I resist him at every turn.)

I do wish we all could concentrate on peace, love, and understanding...

Peace, Mooh.