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Posted By: Sorcha
10-Apr-00 - 10:14 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
Interesting thread, and interesting opinions, and The C's be damned!!Here is my $0.02 worth.
I do not/will not base my personal opinion of anyone on race/nationality,etc. but only on behavior. I have been "Out Country" and am aware of the General Attitude towards Americans, (the fat white pigs being loud and rude), but everywhere I have ever been, response has been based on Personal Attitude, not Nationality.
Here is another thought: So much of what ANY of us learn is cultural, not racist---Latina girls grow up learning how to handle Macho, British grow up learning reserve, etc. and how many people of any nationality care about learning enough of another culture not to make glaring mistakes?

We ALL have to make an effort, not just Americans in the (Not) Melting Pot. Stew is "stew", but there are still chunks of potato, etc. Seems to me than Folkies in general DO tend to make more of an effort that most. (Off soap box)

sorry if this is a multiple post, keep getting Cannot display.