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Posted By: sophocleese
10-Apr-00 - 11:08 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
As long as nations set their foreign policies based on behaviour they would never, in a million years, condone at a personal level you're gonna run into that old specific verses general problem with nationality. Most Americans that I've met have been regular people who I may or may not like, same as the Canadians, Italians, Russians, French, British etc. But American foreign policy is largely awful and self centered just as Canadian foreign policy is mostly awful self-centered, frequently at the expense of real peace and security in the world. Americans are visibly at the top of the heap and arbitrary in their national favours so they get dumped on a lot. If they were less visible the same behaviour would get less notice. Certainly Americans that I have met while travelling have noticed that they are sometimes stereotyped and they each react differently to that knowledge. I used to think travel broadened the mind but I have since come to realize that it can just as easily narrow it for people of any nationality who want only to see the stereotypes. There are many people who want to get into America for the riches they think it will offer but there are just as many who daren't because the movies America exports about itself are scarily violent. All countries portray one version of themselves to their citizens and another to outsiders. This blathering Canadian will now go quietly and sit in a corner.