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Posted By: Big Mick
11-Apr-00 - 12:39 AM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
What I learned, being an ugly american, is that when anyone dehumanizes or depersonalizes any other group, then we have fallen for the load of shite that the Generals or the Prime Ministers or Exalted leaders or Presidents or whatever would have us fall for. I watched and participated in the attempt to destroy a country because they were gooks. I watched police dogs and fire hoses try to destroy a people because they were niggers. I watched a preacher be assassinated because he had a dream. I learned how my people were allowed to starve because they were paddys. My little girl is witnessing the destruction of people because they aren't Christians, or because they aren't Muslim, or because they aren't Israeli's.

Anytime we buy into the premise being laid out for us by someone with an agenda, we allow them to turn someone into an enemy. Question the premise................always. The children deserve it.

All the best,

Big Mick