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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
11-Apr-00 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: Songwriting -- Part 2
Subject: RE: Songwriting -- Part 2
A number of years back I wrote a little song I call The Mantrap. It's advice to young ladies, to a sort of calypso beat. I wish I had a practical way of giving the tune here. The words are as follows:

Coma all you young maidens and listen
And gain some instruction from me.
Be modest, demure and retiring
And chase not the bachelor so free!

Oh, do not act bold, free, and brazen!
Be modest, retiring, and shy.
Men flee from the woman who chases
And the brazen young lady pass by.

(Instrumental or whistling break)

But the modest girl catches a husband,
As doubtless you have been aware,
For the modest girl does not chase bachelors
As the bear-trap does not chase the bear!

Some of you have heard me sing it on HearMe.

Dave Oesterreich