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Posted By: Ebbie
11-Apr-00 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
Once a Swiss tourist asked me, with disdain just barely concealed, Why do Americans move so much? At home, I live on the same land that my ancestors from many generations lived on.

One of the reasons suddenly occurred to me and I replied, Because we are the offspring of people who didn't stay home in the old country.

I get the feeling that many people from other nations want to come here but they feel that if they lived here, they wouldn't mess it up as bad as we have done.

One of the things I really like about us Americans is that we readily accept criticism of ourselves as a nation and try to improve. How many other countries have the line:God mend our every flaw,in one of their favorite anthems? Ebbie