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Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
Ear' early.
earlie early
Earn eagle.
east aist east
easter aister farther east
Eastlin eastern.
eastmaist aistmaist easternmost
eat ate eat
eaten aten eaten
eatit ate
ebb foreshore
ee eye
E'e eye.
'EE LANG live long
E'E+ E'ED eye+ eyed
E'ebrie eyebrow.
eebrou eyebrow
eehole eye-socket
eejit eijit idiot
eelid eyelid
eemock eimock ant
een eyes
e'en very well+ even
E'en evening.
eenin evening
eenou eenoo immediately
eent indeed
e'er ever
eerant eirant errand
Eerie apprehensive; inspiring ghostly fear.
eetch eitch an adze
efter after
efternuin efternune afternoon
egg urge on
eggle urge on
eik eke+ eek extend+ add
eild age
Eild eld.
eilie eely+ eelie disappear gradually
eith eath+ eeth easy
Eke also.
elbuck elbow
eldritch unearthly
Elekit elected.
Elfin fairyland
elie'n eleven
elie'nt eleventh
elieven eleven
elievent eleventh
Ell (Scots) thirty-seven inches.
Eller elder.
Embro Edinburrae Edinburrie
eme maternal uncle
EMERANT green+ lush
empie empy empty
En' end.
end en end
endlang enlang along
endweys straight on
eneuch enough+ quite
Eneugh enough.
Enfauld infold.
Enow enough.
ense else
Enster Anstruther
equal-aqual balanced+ similar
erse arse
Erse Irish
Erse Gaelic.
erselins backwards
ERTS arts
esh aish ash-tree
esk newt
esp aisp aspen-tree
ess ass+ ais ash(es)
Ess-Wadensday Ash Wednesday
Ether-stane adder-stone.
ett eaten
etter fester
ettercap spider
ettin ogre
ettle endeavour
Ettle aim.
Evermair evermore.
Ev'n down downright
ewest most contiguous+
excuise excuse
exerceese exerceise exercise
explore an exploration
expone explain
eydent eident industrious
eyntment ointment
Fa' fall.
Fa' lot
Fa' to get; suit; claim.
FA' fall
faa faw+ fa' fall
faain falling
faan fallen
faddom fathom
Faddom'd fathomed.
fadge faggot+ bundle of sticks+
fae from+ foe
faem faim foam
faik abate
Faiket let off
fail turf
faimish famish
faimlie faimilie family
fain affectionate
Fain fond
FAIN glad
Fainness fondness.
fair quite
Fair fa' good befall! welcome.
fairfaa fairfaw bless
Fairin. a present from a fair.
fairly certainly
FAIRMERS farmers
faither fallie father
FAITHER father
faize annoy+ ruffle
fallae fallie+falla fellow
Fallow fellow.
Fa'n fallen.
FAN found
fand found past t.
fang a capture+ capture+
fank sheep pen+ rope coil
fankle tangle
fantoush fantoosh flashy
Far-aff far-off.
fardel three conered cake
FAREWEEL farewell
farin farein food+ fare
farl scone
Farls oat-cakes.
fash annoy+ irritate+ trouble+
Fash'd fash't
fasherie trouble
fashious troublesome
fasht troubled+ bothered
Fasten-e'en Fasten's Even (the evening before Lent).
Fastern's een Shrove Tuesday
FAT what
fatterals ribbon ends
fauch fallow+ pale
fauchelt tired
Faught a fight.
Fauld the sheep-fold.
Fauld folded.
FAULD fold
Faulding sheep-folding.
FAULDING putting sheep in fold
Faun fallen.
faur fer far
FAUR far
faur back long ago
faurdin farthing
faurer farther
Fause false.
Fause-house hole in a cornstack.
faut blame+ fault
FAUT fault
Fautor transgressor.
Fawkirk Falkirk
Fawkland Falkland
Fawsont seemly
fear fear+ scare
FEARFU' fearful(ly)
FEARS ME frightens me
feart feared+ scared
feasible faisible feasible
Feat spruce.
Februar February
fecht fight
feck amount
Feck the bulk
Feck value
Fecket waistcoat; sleeve waistcoat (used by farm-servants as both vest and
feckfu powerful
feckless weak
fecklie mostly
Feckly mostly.
fee engagement as servant
feem feim violent heat
feenish feinish finish
feeroch feiroch bustle
feet feit feet
Feg a fig.
fegs truly+ faith
Feide feud.
Feint v. fient.
Feirrie lusty.
fell strongly+ keen+ stun. kill+
fell fell+ a hill
Fell the cuticle under the skin.
FELL cruel
FELLAH fellow
Felly relentless.
Fen' a shift.
Fen' fend
Fenceless defenseless.
fend defend+ shelter+ guard+
fendin provision
fent opening in garment
fere feir+ feer companion+ healthy
ferlie wonder+ marvel
Ferlie ferly
ferm fairm farm
fermer fairmer farmer
FERMER farmer
fernyear last year
ferrier farrier+ vet.
fesh fetch
feshen fasten
fest fast
Fetches catches
Fetch't stopped suddenly.
fettle condition+ suitable
feuch fought
feuchen fought
few fyoweNE few
fey doomed
ficher fumble
fickle puzzling+ puzzle
fidder flutter
fiddle feedle fiddle
fiddler fiddler
fidge fidget
FIDGIN' FAIN extremely impatient
Fidgin-fain tingling-wild.
Fiel well.
fieldie hedge-sparrow
fient feint+ feent devil+fiend
Fient a not a
Fient haet nothing (fiend have it).
Fient haet o' not one of.
Fient-ma-care the fiend may care (I don't!).
Fier fiere
Fier sound
fift fifth
fifteen fifteen
fifteent fifteenth
fimmer skip
Fin' to find.
FIN when
fine fine+ comfortable+
finger finger
finger-neb finger tip
finnd fin find
finnich fussy person
fire fyre ignite+ fire
fire-flaucht lightning bolt
fir-tap fir-cone
fir-yowe fir-cone
fish fush fish
Fissle tingle
fit fuit+ fute foot
FIT foot
fitbaa fitba'+ fitbaw football
Fittie-lan' the near horse of the hind-most pair in the plough.
fiver fivver fever
flae flea
flaff flaf flap
Flaffin flapping.
flaich flea
Flainin flannen
flait flate scolded
flang flung
flannen flannel
flaucht flash
flauchter flutter
flaunter tremble
FLECKIT dappled+ flecked
flee flie fly
FLEE fly
Fleech wheedle.
Fleesh fleece.
fleet fleit float
fleet fleit scold
FLEET fast+ quick
fleetch fleitch flatter+ coax+ cajole+
fleetit scolded
fleg frighten
FLEGS frights
fleir fleer jeer
FLEITS floats
flesh meat
flesher butcher
flet flat
Fleth'rin flattering.
fleuk fluke a flounder+ flatfish
flew fleu flew
Flewit a sharp lash.
flewn flown
fley frighten+ scare
flichan flake
flichter flutter
Flichterin fluttering.
flichtermoose bat
Flinders shreds
fling fling
Flinging kicking out in dancing; capering.
Flingin-tree a piece of timber hung by way of partition between two horses
flird flaunt
flisk whisk+ frisk
Fliskit fretted
flit shift+ move home
flitten moved
flitter flutter
Flittering fluttering.
flittit moved
flocht flutter
floor flour
flotter float
flouer flooer+ floo'er flower
FLOW'RS flowers
fluff disappoint+ blow+ puff
fluffer flutter
fluid flude+ flid flood
fluir flure+ flairC fleerNE floor
flung flung
flunge caper
FLUNKIES servants
fluther confuse
flype flipe fold+ fall heavily
flyte flite scold
FLYTE scolding
flyten scolded
flytin a scolding
flytit scolded
focht fought
fochten fought
Fock focks
Fodgel dumpy.
fog fogg moss+ lichen
follae folla follow
fond fon' glad+ happy+ anxious+
fool foul
foond found foundation
foonder founder collapse
foonds founds foundations
Foor fared (i. e.
Foorsday Thursday.
for fur for+ notwithstanding that
for aa that notwithstanding+
for fear lest
foraye forever
forbears forefathers
forby besides
Forby forbye
fordle advance
fore before
'FORE before
forehaimer sledge-hammer
foreland beach
foremaist foremost first
forenenst in front of+ facing
forenent before+ in front of
forenicht evening
forenuin forenune morning
foreside front
forestair outside staircase
Forfairn worn out; forlorn.
forfecht be overcome
forfochen exhausted
forforn worn out
Forfoughten exhausted.
forgain opposite
forgaither assemble
forgat forgot
Forgather to meet with.
forgie forgive
FORGIE forgive
forgit forget
forgotten forgotten
forgrutten tear-stained
forhou forhoo forsake
forjaskit forjeskit fatigued
Forjesket jaded.
fork fork
forker earwig
forleet forleit forsake
forordinar forordnar usually
forrit forward
forritsome bold
forsay deny
fortuin fortune
fotch shift+ turn position of
fother fodder
fou fu+ foo full+ drunk
Fou fow
Foughten troubled.
foul fool fowl
foulie fully
foumart polecat
Foursome a quartet.
fousome loathsome
foust foost rot
foustie foostie decayed
fouter footer bungle
fouth footh abundance
fouthless barren
Fow v. fou.
Fow a bushel.
fower fouer four
FOWER four
fower-oors afternoon meal (tea)
fowert fourth
fowerteen fourteen
fowerteent fourteenth
fowertie forty
fowertiet fortieth
fowk folk+ foak+ foke people
FOWK folk
foze soft spongy+ dull+ stupid
frae fi+ fra from
FRAE from
fraik frake flattery+ a flatterer
fraith froth+ foam
frammle gobble
fraucht freight+ load
Frauns France
frawart contrary+ perverse
Freath to froth
freelie freely completely
freend freen+ freend+ frein+ frien friend
freenge freinge fringe
freeze freeze
freit freet superstition+ saying
fremd foreign
Fremit estranged
fremmit foreign+ strange+ alien
Frensh French
freuch dry and brittle
fricht fright+ frighten
frichtsome frightful
Friday Friday
fro froth+ foam
froun froon frown
frozen frozen
fruit frit+ frute fruit
FRUITFU' fruitful
fruize fruze froze
frush crumbly+ bold
fryne frine fret
Fu' full.
FU' full
fud animal tail
Fud a short tail (of a rabbit or hare).
fudder hurry
fuff puff+ huff or rage
fuffle ruffle+ rearrange+ fuss
Fuff't puffed.
Fu'-han't full-handed.
fuid fid+ fude food
fuil fil+ fule fool
fuird foord+ furde ford
Fuirsday Fursday+ FeersdayNE FairsdayC Thursday
fuish troubled+ bothered
fuish fetch
fuishen troubled+ bothered
fuishen fetched
ful full fill
fullie filly
fult filled
fulyerie foliage
fummle fumble
fund fun found past perf.
Fur furr
FUR for
Fur-ahin the hindmost plough-horse in the furrow.
Furder success.
furm firm form
Furm a wooden form.
furr fur furrow
furrin foreign+ abroad
furst first
furth forth+ outside of
furthset publish(ed)
fushion vigour
fushionless weak
Fusionless pithless
fyke fike fuss+ fidget
fykie fussy
fyle file foul
Fyle to defile
FYLED soiled+ fouled
gaa gaw gall+ irritate+ a gall+
gab chatter+ mouth
Gab to talk.
gaberlunzie gaberlunyie beggar
Gabs talk.
gadge dictate
gadgieSE a man+ fellow
gae go
gae gave
GAE+ GAED+ GAEN go+ went+ gone
gaed geedNE went
Gael a highlander
Gaen gone.
Gaets ways
gaff(aw) a guffaw+ chatter
gaig a crack+ chink
gailey gaillie+ gailley galley+ ship+ garret
gain suit
gainder gainer gander
gair gare become streaked
gaird guard
gairden garden
gairdner's gairtins
Gairs gores.
gairtin gartin garter
gaishonSW thin person
gait gate goat(s)
gaither gedderNE gather
GAITHERED gathered
gaitherin meeting
gaithert gathered
gaivle gavel gables
gallants nobles
gallivant goad about
gallus gallows bold
galshachsNE sweets+ titbits
gandge grin
gane gaen gone
gang go
GANG go+ gone
gangrel vagrant
GANGREL vagabond
ganner gainer a gander+ wander
gansey genzie a Guernsey jersey
gansh snap
gant yawn
gantry a bottle stand in a bar
gar compel
GAR+ GARS give+ gave
Garcock the moorcock.
gardieNE the arm
gardies the hands or fists
gardiloo gardyloo warning call
gare gair piece of cloth+ opening in
garron a kind of horse
gart compelled
GART made
Garten garter.
gash prattle+ shrewd+ wise+prudent
Gashing talking
gat got
gate gait road+ way
Gatty enervated.
Gaucie v. Gawsie.
Gaud a. goad.
Gaudsman goadsman
gauger exciseman
gaun going
GAUN going
Gau'n. gavin.
Gaunted gaped
gaup gape
gawk clumsy person+
Gawky a foolish woman or lad.
Gawky foolish.
gawp gaup+ gowp gawp
gawpus gaupus a clumsy stupid lout
gawsie gausie fresh complexioned
Gawsie buxom; jolly.
Gaylies gaily
gean wild cherry
gear equipment+ belongings
Gear money
GEAR wealth+ effects
geck mock
Geck to sport; toss the head.
Ged. a pike.
gee jee a fit of temper
geegle geigle giggle
geese geese
geg a gag+ trick
geggie a travelling theatre+
geing geeng human excretement
gell a crack in wood
gelt gelled cracked or split drying
gemm gemme game
gentieF+NE graceful
Gentles gentry.
Genty trim and elegant.
Geordie dim. of George
gesserant brilliant
get called+ child
gey very
geylie a good deal
geylies rather much
geysent wizened
ghaist gaist ghost
GHAIST ghost
gib(bie) a tomcat
gibble-gabble chatter
gibbles tools+ things
gibblet a tool+ utensil
gie give
GIE+ GIED give+ gave
gied gave
giein giving
gien given
gien name nem Christian / first name
gies gives
gif if (conj.)
Giftie dim. of gift.
Giglets giggling youngsters or maids.
gigot jigot leg of lamb
gill a ravine+ gully
gillie male servant
Gillie dim. of gill (glass of whiskey).
Gilpey young girl.
gilpie tomboy
gilravage greedily+ enjoy noisily