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Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words

labber slobber
lacer a (boot) lace
LACH+ LACHIN' laugh+ laughing
lad boy
LAD+ LADDIE boy+ young man
laddie boy
lade laid load
laden laiden loaded
LAED laid+ lying
laft loft
lag lingering+ slow
Lag backward.
Laggen the bottom angle of a wooden dish.
lagger make wet or muddy+ mud
laggin leggin the edge or bottom of
LAGGIN crest of a hill
laich laigh low
laidron a rascal
laif loaf
Laigh low.
Laik lack.
lair lear+ laer The act of teaching+ knowledge
Lair lore
laird lord
Laird landowner.
lairge large
lairin cf. lair teaching
Lairing sticking or sinking in moss or mud.
lairn cf. lair learn
lairnit cf lair learned
Laith loath.
laith v. loath
laithe v. loath+ loathing+ unwilling
Laithfu' loathful
laithsome loathsome
laldie a thrashing+ punishment
Lallan lowland.
lalland lowland
Lallans the Scots language
lamgammachieNE long rigmarole
lamiter lame person
Lammas 1st August
lammer amber
Lammie dim. of lamb.
lamp stride
Lan' land.
Lan'-afore the foremost horse on the unplowed land side.
Lan'-ahin the hindmost horse on the unplowed land side.
land lan+ laun+ laund land
landart landwart in the country
LANDBIRST breaking waves
lane alone+ solitary
LANELY lonely
lanesome lonely
lang long+ for long
lang syne long ago
LANG+ LANGER long+ longer
langle hobble+ tether animal
lang-luggit long-eared+ shrewd
lang-nebbit nosy
Langniddrie Longniddry
langsome slow+ tedious
lanimer Burgh boundary
Lap leapt.
lapper clot+ curdle+ freeze
lapster lobster
larick larch tree
larrie lorry+ truck
lass girl
LASS+LASSIE girl+ young woman
lassie girl
lat let
LAT let
lat abee leave alone
lat be leave alone
latch bog+ wet+ muggy+ delay
latchet small loop of thread+ string
late late
laubour lawbour labour
lauch lach laugh
laucht lacht laughed
laum lamm lamb
laup lap
lave remainder
Lave the rest.
laverock lark
Laverock lav'rock
law law+ a rounded hill+ low
lawer lawvyer lawyer
lawin (tavern) bill+ reckoning
laylock lilac
Lea grass
lea' leave
LEA leave
lead lead+ channel for water
leak leak
leal loyal+ faithful
lealtie loyalty
leam gleam
Lear lore
least least
leave permission
lectur lecture
ledder ladder
leddie leddy lady+ laird's wife
Leddy lady.
lee lie lay
lee lie (fib)
lee lane alone
leear liar
lee'd lay
Lee-lang live-long.
leemit leemit limit
leen laid
leep leip heat or cook partially+ sit
leerie leirie lamp lighter
leesome incredible+ shocking+ pleasant
Leesome lawful.
leet leit list+ select candidates
leeterarie leiterary literary
leeteratur leiteratur literatur
leeve leeve live
leevin leevin a person+ food
Leevinstoun Livingston
Leeze me on dear is to me; blessings on; commend me to.
LEEZE ME ON take delight in
left left
leid leed lead (metal)
leid leed+ lede language
leipit leepit warmed up+ scolded+
leister leester a pronged spear
Leister a fish-spear.
lempit limpet
Len' to lend.
lench launch
lend len lend
lenth length
Lergie Largo
less less
lest last
letter letter
leuch laughed
leuchen laughed
Leugh laugh'd.
leuk luik+ luke look
leukit looked
lew loo lukewarm+ warmth inside
lew-wairm lukewarm
Ley-crap lea-crop.
lib to geld+ castrate
Libbet castrated.
lice lice
licht light
LICHT+ LICHTLY light+ lightly
lichtit lighted
lichtlie disparage+ light of foot
lichtnin lightning
LICHTNIN'S lightning flashes
lichts lungs+ lights
lichtsome delightful
lick thrash+ a small amount
Licks a beating.
LIE MY LANE lie alone
lief(er) leefer rather+ prefer
LIEIN' lying
Lien lain.
Lieve lief.
lift sky+ lift+ pick up+ arrest
Lift a load.
liftit lifted
lig ligg lie (lay)
liggit lay+ laid
Lightly to disparage
lik(e) lyke like+ as it were
like eneuch likely+ possibly+ enough
likelie likely probably
liken on the point of+ likely to do+
liker more like
likit liked
lilt sing softly+ hum
lime lyme mortar
limmer mischievous+ slag.
Limmer to jade; mistress.
Lin v. linn.
line line
lines documentation
lingel shoemakers waxed thread+
lingle fetter
linn waterfall+ pool+ erosion by water
LINN waterfall
lint relax+ flax plant+ linen thread
lintel mantelpiece+ threshold of door
lintie linnet
Lintwhite the linnet.
Lint-white flax-colored.
lip taste+ edge+ boundary
LIP cheekiness
lippen trust+ depend on
LIPPEN anticipate
Lippen'd trusted.
lipper ripple+ almost overflowing
Lippie dim. of lip.
lippin-fou full to the brim
liquorie lickerie liquorice
lirk crease+ wrinkle+ fold
lisk the groin
lissance respite
lith joint in finger or toe+ part of fruit
Lithca Linlithgow
lithe lythe calm+ sheltered+ shelter from
lither idle+ lazy
lithock oatmeal gruel
little Little
loan lane
loanin field+ paddock
Loanin the private road leading to a farm.
loch lake+ fjord
LOCH lake
lockfast under lock and key
Lo'ed loved.
LO'ED+ LO'ES loved+ loves
Lon'on London.
LOO+ LOO'D love+ loved
lood loud
lood oot aloud
Loof (pl. looves) the palm of the hand.
LOOM O' MORN first signs of day
Loon loun
loose louss louse
Loosome lovable.
Loot let.
LOOT let
Loove love.
Looves v. loof.
lorin cormorant
losh Lord save us
Losh a minced oath.
loss loass lose
lost losst lost
louder lewder a wooden lever+ crowbar
loue loo+ lou love
loued looed loved
Lough a pond
loulie loolie softly
lounder loonder. lunner beat severely
lounNE loon youth+ boy
Loup lowp
LOUP+ LOUPIT leap+ leaped
lourach loorach tattered or trailing+
lourie loorie dull overcast
lousome leesome pleasant+ loveable+ fine weather+
LOUSOME beloved
loutch slouch+ loiter
Low lowe
Lowden The Lothians
lowden to lull+ abate
lowe glow+ flame
Lowin lowing
lown calm+ serene+ softly+ stillness
Lown v. loon.
lowp loup leap
Lowp v. loup.
lowpen jumped
lowper jumper
lowpit jumped
lowps leaps
lowse loosen+ free+ unrestrained
Lowse louse
lowsed loosened
lowsen loosen
lowsin time end of working day
lowt stoop
lubbart lubbard lout+ coward
lucken closed foot or hand
luckenbuith luckenbooth a lockable shop
Lucky a grandmother
ludge lodge
lug ear
Lugget having ears.
Luggie a porringer.
LUGS ears
luif loof+ lufe palm (hand)
luim lume loom
luit lute letpt.
lum chimney
Lume a loom.
Lunardi a balloon bonnet.
Lunches full portions.
Lunnon London
lunt a light+ a match
Lunt a column of smoke or steam.
Luntin smoking.
lutten let
Luve love.
lyart greyish haired
Lyart gray in general; discolored by decay or old age.
Lynin lining.
lythe a pollack
ma mi my
MA my
ma certies my+ certainly
machine machine
mad annoyed+ angry
made made
Mae more.
maen mane moan+ mourn+ lament
maggie a magpie
maggot a whim+ fancy+
magink a queer looking object or
maid maid
maik a half penny+ the equal of
Mailen mailin
Mailie Molly.
mainer mainner manner
mair more
MAIR more
mair bi taiken mair by token more over
mairch merch march+ boundary
mairchless infinite
mairie mairrie+ merry+ mairry marry
mairiet mairriet married
mairitch marriage
mairt mart+ mert an ox or cow fattened for
Mairtinmass 11th November
mairtyr martyr
maist most+ almost
Maist. most.
maister master+ mister
maistlins almost
maiter maitter matter
maithe maggot or egg of a bluebottle
major-myndit haughty+ proud+ high minded
mak make
MAK make
Mak o' make o'
makar poet (maker)
makdoun makdoon garment made to fit smaller person
makkit made
malafouster malafooster destroy
Mall Mally.
mament maement moment
mammie mother
man maun man
'MANG among
mangle mangle
mankit mutilated+ damaged
manse minister's house
mant stammer+ stutter
Manteele a mantle.
map nibble
mappit stupid+ exhausted
mar obstruction+ obstruct
Mark merk
marl mirl mottled pattern
marlie mirlie mottled. variegated pattern
marrae marra marrow
marrow companion+ partner
marrowless matchless
mart a market+ auction building
masel masell myself
mash a heavy two faced hammer
mash mesh of a net
mashlum mixed grains and pulses
mask infuse (tea)
Maskin-pat the teapot.
massacre massacker massacre
massie bumptious+ proud
mat thick bed cover
match equal
matrass mattress
maucht might n.
mauchtless helpless+ powerless
mauger notwithstanding+ ill-will
mauk maggot
mauk flie bluebottle
maukie maggoty+ filthy
maukin hare
maukit maggoty or filthy sheep
maumie ripe
maun mun must
MAUN may+ must
mauner gossip
maunna mustn't
MAUNT was able
maut malt
mavis song-thrush
maw maa seagull
mawe maw mow
mawed mown+ mowed
Mawin mowing.
mawn mown
Mawn a large basket.
mawsie warm+ thick+ comfortable
me me
meal mail+ male meal
mean mean+ possessed jointly
meantime meanwhile+ for the time being
Mear a mare.
measles maisles+ meisles measels
meat mait food
mebbe mibbe perhaps
mebbies mibbies perhaps
meddle middle meddle
medicinar physician
meenister meinister minister
meenit meinit minute
MEER mare
meeserable meiserable miserable
meesterie meistery mystery
meet meet+ encounter
megrim a crazy idea+ a whim
megstie me mighty God
meichie meechie mean+ stingy
meidae meedow+ meedie meadow
Meikle mickle
meir meer+ mere+ mear mare (female horse)+
meissle meesle crumble
meisur meesur+ maisur measure
Melder a grinding corn.
mell blend+ mix+ a heavy hammer
Mell to meddle.
melt the spleen+ fish milt
Melvie to powder with meal-dust.
men men
Men' mend.
menadge menodge savings club
mend mend+ repair
mense sense+ adorn+ honour+ respect
mensefu sensible
menseless unmannerly+ stupid+ foolish
ment mended+ repaired
MEN'T mended
menyie menzie a group of people
merble marble
mercat market
merk mark
merk up enrol+ enter
MERKET market
merle blackbird
Merran Marian.
merse a fertile piece of ground
mesmerise surprise+ astonish
Mess John Mass John
messages shopping
messan a mongrel dog
Messin a cur
met met
mettle spirited+ lively
mew mowed
mey may
mice myce mice
Michlemass 29th September
micht might v.
MICHT might
michtie mighty
michtna mightn't
MICKLE A DO much to do
midden dunghill+ slovenly woman
Midden dub midden puddle.
Midden-creels manure-baskets.
Midden-hole a gutter at the bottom of the dunghill.
midge move slightly+ mosquito
midlin middlin of medium size or quality
midnicht midnight
mids middle+ a medium+ centre
'MIDST amidst
mile myle mile
milk mulk milk
Milking shiel the milking shed.
mill mull mill
miller muller miller
mill-lead mill-lade channel bringing water to mill
mim prim and proper+ affected
Mim-mou'd prim-lipped.
mimp speak or act affected
Min' mind
Mind to remember
MINDIN' memory
minents minutes of meeting
mines mynes mine
ming a smell
Minnie mother.
minnin minnen minnow
minsh minch mince
mird meddle with+ have dealings with
mire-deuk a wild duck+ mallard
mirk dark
MIRK dark+ mirky
mirkie dark+ dirty+ merry+ mischievous
mirkle grow dark
mirligaes mirligoes vertigo+ dizziness
misbelieve disbelieve+ doubt
Misca' to miscall
miscaa misca miscall
mischaunce misfortune
mischief injury+ misfortunate+ trouble
misdout misdoot disbelieve+ suppose what is
misert mysert a miser+ miserly+ mean
misfortunate misfortunat unfortunate
misguide treat badly+ waste+ mismanage
mishanter misfortune+ accident
misken disown+ mistake
mislairt mislearit misinformed+ ill-bred
Mislear'd mischievous
mislippen distrust+ neglect
mismak unsettle+ make wrongly
misrestit suffering from lack of sleep
miss miss
misslie alone+ lonely
mist missed
mistaen mistaken
mistak mistake
misteuk mistook
Mistress Mrs.
mistryst to alarm
mither mother
MITHER mother
mittle mutilate
Mixtie-maxtie confused.
mixtur mixter mixture
mixtur-maxtur mixter-maxter a jumble
mizzle speckle
moch a moth+ warm moist weather
mocher coddle
mochie moth infested+ humid weather
mochiness dampness
moger mooger work slovenly
moidert confused+ dazed
moligrants a fit of sulks
molligrant a complaint+ complain
Monanday Monday
monie mony many
monie time many a time
monie a ane / yin many a one
monie's the time often
moniment monument+ a rascal
Mools crumbling earth
Moop to nibble
moose mouss mouse
moose-wab cobweb
mooth mouth
moothie mouth organ
morn(in) morning
moss boggy ground+ moorland
moss bluiter snipe
moss cheeper meadow pipit
mosscrap mosscrop cotton grass
mote a round hillock
Mottie dusty.
Mou' the mouth.
Moudieworts moles.
moul mool soil+ mould+ a chilblain
moulit mouldy
moup moop impair
moupit drooping
mouser mooser moustache
mout moot moult
moutar mootar miller
moutash mootash moustache
moutch mootch loaf
mouter mooter to fret
mouthfu+ moufu mouthfae+ moufae mouthful
mowd clothes moth
mowdiewarp mowdiewart mole
mowp moup+ moop twitch the lips+ nibble
muck clean out+ dung
muck-flee dung-fly
muckle mickle+ meikle large / much
Muckle v. meikle.
Mucklebaeth Meiklebeath
muid mude mood
muil mule crumble
muild mould
muils mould
muin mune moon
muir mure moor
muir cheeper meadow pipit
muir foul muir fowl red grouse
muircock male red grouse
muirhen female red grouse
muisic music
mulberrie mulberry whitebeam
Mulgey Milngavie
mull a headland+
mummle mumble
mump nibble+ complain+ mope
munk mink a noose+ loop+ a tether
munt mount+ prepare to depart+ a hill
murle crumble+ pulverise
murmle murmur
murn mourn
murnin mourning
murr purr
Muslin-kail beefless broth.
mutch cap
Mutchkin an English pint.
mynd remember+ mind
mynd ye mind you
myndin mindin a small gift+ a memory
mynt mint minded+ remembered
mype mipe chatter+ be diligent
na (negative)+ no
nacket small neat person+ packed lunch
nae no
NAE no
nae dout no doubt+ doubtless
nae ither bodie no one else
NAE LANGER no longer
naebodie no one
NAEBODY nobody
naegate nowhere
nael navel
naesay denial
naetheless nevertheless
NAETHIN' nothing
naething nothing
naig a horse
nain (your) own
naipkin napkin
nairae nairra narrow
naither neither
naither however
naitral natural
naitur nature
nakit naikit naked
name nem name
nane none / neither
NANE AVA' nothing
Nappy ale
natch notch
Natch a notching implement; abuse.
naur near
naur(haund) near+ nearly+ almost
naurby nearly+ near
naurer nearer
NAW no
neat nate neat+ trim+ smart
neathmaist lowest
neb nose
Neebor neibor
NEEBOURS neighbors
need need
Needna needn't.
neep turnip
ne'er never
NE'ER never
Ne'er's Day New year's day
neet neit a nit (louse)
neeze neize sneeze
neibour neebour neighbour
neibourheid neighbourhood
neir neer a kidney
neist neest next
nervish nervous
nesh of delicate health
nestie naistie nasty
nether lower
neuk corner
Neuk newk
nevel a sharp blow+ punch
nevoy neffie+ neffay nephew
new nyow+ nyoweNE new
New-ca'd newly driven.
newfangelt innovative
newfangle something new+ a novelty
newlins recently
ney (an) nighan almost+ near
nicher neigh+ snigger
nicht night
NICHT night
Nick to sever; to slit; to nail
Nick (Auld) Nickie-ben
Nickie-ben v. Nick.
Nick-nackets curiosities.
Nicks cuts; the rings on a cow's horns.
niece niece
NIEST next
nieve neeve fist
nievefu handful+ fistful
Nieve-fu' fistful.
nievle punch with the fist
niffer barter+ exchange
nimmle nimble
nine nyne nine
nint nynt ninth
nirl shrink+ shrivel
nit nut
nither shiver
nittie mean or disobliging
niver nivver never+ impossible
no not
no aft seldom
no ataa not at all
no ava not at all
no monie a few
nocht nothing+ nought
nochtie good for nothing
NOO now
nor than
nor(th) north
Norland northern.
norlins northwards
norrie whim+ fancy +notion
nott needed
nou noo now
nounae nounae Now then
nourice nurse
nous an thans now and then
November November
nowt cattle+ oxNE + bullock(s)
Nowt nowte
nuin nune noon
nummer number
nurr snarl+ growl+ purr
nyaff bark+ yelp+ a trifle+
nyatter chatter+ rain slightly in wind
Nyod God
o of
O' of.
OAN on
obleege obleige oblige
ochone woe is me!
ocht anything+ nothing+ ought
October October
O'ER over
O'erword the refrain; catchword.
offisher officer
on on / upon
oncairie oncairrie+ onkerry+ oncairry a fuss+ carry-on
oncome oncum the beginning+
onding downpour
onfaa onfaw rain+ snow+ attack+ beginning
ongaun behaviour
ongauns goings on
onie ony any
onie ither bodie anyone else
oniebodie anyone
oniegate anyway
oniething anything
oniewey anyway
oniewey at least+ at any rate+ anyhow
onieweys anywhere
onions and oatmeal boiled in a sheep's stomach.
only onlie only
oo ou wool
oor hoor hour
oor our
oorie chill+ sad
oors ours
oorsel(s) ourselves
oose ooze+ oos+ ouse+ ouze+ ous woollen fluff+ dust
oot out
oot o out of
ootby outside
OOTBY outlying+ distant
ootcast a quarrel
ootcome result+ effect+ profit
ooten ooton out of
ootgane past time+ fully
ootgang an outgoing+ departure+ expense
ootgate exit
ootgaun outgoing+ removing+ leaving+
oother outher fluff from frayed wool
ootland ootlan a stranger+ outcast
ootlin alien+ outsider
ootmaist outermost
ootower atour beyond+ across+ outside
ootpassin termination
ootrel ooteral a stranger
ootset an ornament
oot-stair oustside staircase
ootunner from under
ootwye outweigh
OP'D opened
open apen open+ free to do
or ere+ before+ till+ early
or or
oranger orange
ordein ordeen ordain
ordinar ordnar+ ornar ordinary
orp grumble+ complain
orra odd
Orra extra.
orral a scrap+ fragment
orrals bits and pieces+ odds and ends
ort waste
O't of it.
O'T of it
oubit oobit caterpillar
ouf oof small unimportant+ a fool
Ought aught.
Oughtlins aughtlins
ouglie oogly ugly
oul(et) ool(et) an owl
ourichie oorichie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
ourie oorie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
Ourie shivering
ourit oorit cold+ shivery+ tired
ourlich oorlich miserable looking
Outler unhoused.
ower over+ across+ farther off
ower excessively+ too
owerby over the way
owerend oweren turn up+ set on end
owergae surpass+ overflow
owerhail overtake
owerset translate(d)
owertaen made helpless+ overcome+
owerturn repeat a song+ story+ turnover
owerwird owerword chorus of poem or song
Owre over
owsen oxen
OWSEN oxen
owthor author
oxter armpit
Oxter'd held up under the arms.