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Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words

Pace Easter
Pack an' thick confidential.
packman a travelling merchant
paction packtion bargain+ deal
pad path
paewae pale+ sickly+ drooping
paidle paddle
Paidle nail-bag.
paigle housework+ chores
paik beat
painch paunch
paip fruit kernel or stone
pair pair
paircel parcel
pairish parish
pairk park
pairt part
pairtial partial
pairtie pairty party
pairtner partner
paitren paittren+ paittern+ pattren pattern
paitrick partridge
Paitrick a partridge; used equivocally of a wanton girl.
pal friend+ befriend
palaiver palaver+ a fuss+ a fussy person
pale a small shovel or scoop
palie thin+ pale+ sickly-looking+
pall a pole+ strong post
pallal(s) hopscotch
pan skull+ cranium+ solid soil
pane a sheet of glass
pang ache+ pain+ cram full
pan-jotral(s) odds and ends of food
pant fun+ a prank
pap the uvula+ a conical hill+
pap touch + strike lightly+ throw+ aim
Pape the Pope+ a catholic
paraud parawd parade+ procession+ march
Parishen the parish.
parr a young salmon
parrie parry waste time+ dawdle+ delay
parritch porridge
Parritch-pats porridge-pots.
partan edible crab
parteeclar parteicular+ parteiclar confidential
pat pot
pat put
pattie clay or earthen ware (marble)
Pattle pettle
pauchle pochle a small load+ bundle+ a swindle
Paughty haughty.
Paukie pauky
paum pawm palm of hand
paumie pawmie belt on the hand with tawse
paut pawt strike the ground with the foot
paveelion paveilion pavilion
paw pa dad (father)
pawkie matter-of-fact humorous outlook
pawkie a mitten
PAWKY cunning+ sly
pawnd a pawn+ a pledge+ a pawnshop
peace paice peace
pearl purl+ a stitch in knitting
pease piz+ pizz pea+ peas
peasie a small marble
peat peat
pech pant
Pechan the stomach.
pechie pechy short winded
Pechin panting
pecht out of breath+ a Pikt
PECK a measure of weight
peek peik tiny point of light+ tongue of flame
peel peil an equal match+ a stockade
peeler a small crap at shell casting time
peelie-wallie peilie-wallie pale
peend pein+ peen sloping point at the end of a roof
peenge peinge whine
peenie peinie pinafore
peeoy peioy schoolchild's home-made firework
peep peip small flame from a gas cooker
peerie peirie little+ a fircone+ a spinning top
peetie peity pity
peetifu pitiful
peewee lapwing
peil peel pill+ a tablet
peir peer pear
pen a pointed conical hill
pend an arch
pennie penny
Penny-fee wage in money.
Penny-wheep small beer.
pent paint
penter painter
pentit painted
perfaission profession
perfit perfect
perjink neat
perk a pole or rod
permeession permeision permission
pernicketie pernickity particular+ fastidious+ difficult
pertend pretend
Perth Perth
PERTIN' parting
pest pester v.
pestur pastern+ rope
peth path
Pettle v. pattle.
peuch pyoch imitating a gust of wind
peuchle pyochle+ pyocher work ineffectually+ a cough
peul pewl while+ complain+ weak animal+
peuther a fuss about doing nothing
pey pay
peyd paid
phanton phantom
Philibeg the Highlander's kilt.
photae photie photograph
Phraisin flattering
phrase frase+ fraise elaborate flowery speech+
Phrase to flatter
phrasie fraisie gushing+ too fussy
pianae pianie piano
picher confusion+ useless person+
pick pitch+ spade in playing cards
pickle a few
pickman a miner
pickmaw black-headed gull
pictarnie common or arctic tern+ thin
pictur picter picture+ film
pictur-hoose cinema
picturs picters cinema+ pictures
piever(s) peever(s) hopscotch
pig pigg pot+ jar+ earthenware
pike pyke pointed tip+ spike+ thorn+ quill
pikie spiked+ jagged+ barbed
pikit weir pikit weer barbed wire
pile increase speed by moving
pilk pick out+ shell+ peel+ steal
pillae pilla+ pillie pillow
PILLAR pillar used for the same purpose as the cutty stool
piller small crap at shell casting time
pinch scrooge+ stint+ lever with crowbar
pinchers tweezers+ crowbar+ pliers
pincil pencil
pine pyne waste away from disease
pingle strive+ compete+ quarrel
pink primrose
pinkie little finger
Pint (Scots) three imperial pints.
PINT STOWP a measure of drink
pintle penis
pirl purl twist+ twirl+ coil+ roll+ spin
pirn bobbin+ reel
pirr a tern
pirr ripple+ flow+ tremble with anger
pirr-maw black-headed gull
pish urinate+ urine
pit put
pitcher hopscotch
pith energy
pitten put
Placads proclamations.
plack a small coin+ worldly
Plack four pennies (Scots).
plackless hard-up
Plackless penniless.
PLAID+ PLAIDIE+ PLAIDEN tartan cloak/scarf/kilt
Plaiden coarse woolen cloth.
plain featureless ground
plainstane flagstone+ pavement
plaister plaster
PLAIT pleased
plane-tree sycamore
plat plet plot+ flat+ clear+ plain+ very+
plaunt plant
playock a toy
please pleise to relish+ like+ please
pleisant pleesant pleasant
pleisur pleesure pleasure
plenish furnish
Plenish'd stocked.
plenishin furniture
plett pleat plait+ pigtail+ fold+ twist
pleuch pleugh plough
Pleugh plew
pliskie prank+ escapade
Pliskie a trick.
pliver plivver plover
PLOOBOY ploughboy
PLOOMAN ploughman
plou plew+ ploo+ pleu plough
plouk plook pimple
ploum ploom plum
plowter plot wade+ flounder+ dabble+
ploy venture+ scheme
pluffie pluffy plump+ puffy+ fleshy+ toffee
plug play truant
plunk plank set down+ play truant
plunker heavy glass or clay marble
POACKETS pockets
poatch stir+ poke+ push+ prod
Pock a poke
podle tadpole
Poind to seize
poke pock+ poak bag+ sack
polis police
POOCH pocket
poond poun pound sterling
poor pour+ a heavy shower of rain
poorie a jug
Poortith poverty.
pootch pocket+ purse
pose place an object to hide it
poseetion poseition position
posie collection+ hoard of valuables
pottie made of earthenware
pou pu+ poo pull
Pouch pocket.
poud pood pulled
pouer pooer power
pouk pook pluck+ pull
Pouk to poke.
poukit pookit plucked+ puny+ meagre
poulie poolie a louse
poupit poopit pulpit
Pouse a push.
pouss pooss push
Poussie a hare (also a cat).
poust poost strength+ power+ force
pouter pooter poke+ stir
pouther poother+ pooder powder
Pouther powther
Pouts chicks.
Pow the poll
POW head
powe poll+ the head
powe a slow moving stream+ pool
poweheid tadpole
powk pook poke
powl pole
pownie powny pony
powt poot poult+ a young game bird
powt poke+ prod
Pow't pulled.
praisent present
praisentlie praisently presently+ at this moment
prap prop
preceese preceise precise+ exactly+ precisely
pree taste
Pree'd pried (proved)
preen prein pin
prent print
prentice apprentice
preser preserr preserve
preses preeses+ preises president+ chairperson
press large wall cupboard
PREST pressed
pridefu prydefu snobbish
Prie to taste.
Prief proof.
prig importune+ plead
Priggin haggling.
prime pryme fill+ stuff+ load
primp dress-up
Primsie dim. of prim
privie hedge privy hedge privet hedge
prog probe+ goad
prood proud
propone propose
Proushya Prussia
proven proved
Proveses provosts.
provost mayor
provribs proverbs
pruif prufe proof
pruve pruive prove
pruved pruived proved
psaum psaulm psalm
Pu' to pull.
PU' pull
puckle a small quantity
pudden puddin sausage meat pudding
puddock paddock frog+ toad
puddock stuil mushroom+ toadstool
puddock's cruddles frogspawn
Puddock-stools toadstools
pudgetie short and fat
puffle puff up
puggelt exhausted+ done for
puggie monkey
puil pule pool
puir pure poor
PUIR poor
puirtith poverty
pul pull
pump break wind
Pun' pund
punce pounce
pund pound weight
pund pound+ enclosure for animals
puppie poppy flower
puppie show a puppet show
purfelt fat an asthmatic+ plump
purl pearl
purls small balls of dung
purpie purple
Pursie dim. of purse.
pushion pooshion poison
puss(ie) a hare
Pussie a hare.
putt put push+ thrust
Pyet a magpie.
pyke steal+ pilfer
Pyke to pick.
pyle pile a snowflake
Pyles grains.
pyne pain
pynt point
PYOCK satchel
pyot magpie+ irresponsible person
quaisten quaistion+ queystion question
quait quate quiet
quak quake
quakin-bog a quagmire
quarrel a quarry+ quarry stone
quarrel find fault with+ criticise
Quat quit
quaw qua bog quagmire+ marsh
Quean a young woman
queek squeak+ cheep
queen queen
queen o the meidae meadow-sweet
queern quern+ a hand milling stone
queesitive queisitive inquisitive
queir queer choir+ a chancel+ church ruin
quey heifer
quick swarming+ infested
quickens couch grass
Quietlin-wise quietly.
quinkins traces of food on pan
quirk a riddle+ problem
quirkie quirky intricate+ twisted+ cunning+
quit quit+ leave+ abandon
quitance receipt
quitten quit
quo quoth
Quo' quod
QUO said
quoit play at curling
quorum a gathering+ a company
quut rid+ quit
quyneNE quine girl
Rab rob.
rack stretch+ pull+ twist+ dislocate+
rackle a chain+ the clanking of a chain
rackless reckless
rackon reckon
rade rode
RADE rode
radge rage+ mad+ violently excited+
RAE roe deer
raen raven
Raep a rope.
raff plenty
raft a rafter
rag rough projection after sawing+
raggit ragged
raggitie ragged
raggle cut unevenly or jaggedly
ragglish erratic+ uncertain+ wild
ragnail loose piece of skin or broken
ragweed ragweid ragwort
raible rabble+ gabble
Raibles recites by rote.
raiglar regular
raik rake roam+ stray
raip rape rope
rair roar
rairie loud+ noisy+ drunk+ bright
Rairin roaring.
Rair't roared.
raise arouse+ infuriate+ state of
Raise rase
raised infuriated+ wild+ over-excited
raither rather
raivel rile entangle
Raize to excite
rake rake+ search+ a hoard
rame raim repeat+ recite+ talk nonsense
Ramfeezl'd exhausted.
ramfeisle ramfeezle+ ramfoozle muddle+ confuse+ exhaust
Ramgunshoch surly.
rammage storm about
rammie a free-for-all+ violent disturbance
rammle ramble+ wander
ramp romp+ climbing of plants
rampage an outburst of rage
ramscuiter ramscooter+ ramscouter beat+ drive off in terror
ramsh eat greedily
ramskeerie ramskeiry wild restless romp
ramstam headstrong+ rash+ heedless
Ram-stam headlong.
ramstouger rough in manner+ boisterous
ran ran
rance diagonal supporting bar on
rander ranner render+ talk idly+ ramble+
randie aggressive+ a beggar
Randie lawless
Randie randy
rannoch farn+ bracken
ranshackle search+ ransack
rant romp+ sing a tune+ fuss+ complain
Rant to rollick
ranter sew+ darn or mend roughly
Rants merry meetings; rows.
rap rap+ dash+ thump
Rape v. raep.
raploch coarse woollen cloth
Raploch homespun.
rappit rapped
raptur rapture a fit of rage
rash rush plant+ active+ agile
Rash-buss a clump of rushes.
Rashy rushy.
rasp a raspberry
ratch damage by rough usage
ratS a rut+ groove+ scratch
rattan ratton+ rottan rat
Rattan rattoon
rattle strike or beat repeatedly
Ratton-key the rat-quay.
rauchle loose untidy heap+ ramshackle
raucle bold+ rash+ strong+ rough+ crude
Raught reached.
rave tore+ a windbag
Ravensheuch Ravenshaugh
raw ra+ raa row
rax stretch+ pass+ reach
read rade read (Past t.)
read(en) read (past perf.)
real real
ream reim+ reem cream+ foam
reap reip reap
reason raison+ reison reason
Reave to rob.
reboond rebound
Rebute rebuff.
receit receet+ recait prescription+ recipe
reck reckon
Red advised
Red rede
redd red tidy+ prepare+ spawn
redd free+ rid+ relieve
redd arrange+ arranged
REDE red
Red-wat-shod red-wet-shod.
Red-wud stark mad.
ree tipsy+ delirious+ crazy
reek reik smoke
reekie reikie smoky
Reekie reeky
reenge reinge range
reeshle reishle rustle
reest reist arrest+ impound+
Reestit scorched.
Reestit refused to go.
reft torn+ snatched+ stolen
refuise refuse
regaird regard
reid red
Reif theiving.
reist reest cure fish etc.+ frame for curing
reist reest mould-board of plough
rekiver recuiver+ rekivver recover
releegion releigion religion
Remead remedy.
remeid remeed remedy
remit terms+ reference
renaig refuse to do work+ shirk
repeat refund+ repay
replenish repair+ renovate
repone answer+ reply
reser reserr reserve
residenter resident
retiral retirement
retour return
revrent reverend
rheumatise rheumatis rheumatism
rheums rheumatic pains
rhyme repeat+ drone
rhymless without good reason
richt right
RICHT right
ricketie a wooden rattle
rickle loose heap+ skeleton
Rickles small stacks of corn in the fields.
RICKLIN' filtering
ridden ridden
ride ride
Rief plunder.
rieve reeve+ reive tear+ grab+ snatch+ steal
riever reever+ reiver cattle thief
rife ryfe abundant+ plentifully
rift belch
rig rigg ridge+ back
rig-bane back bone
riggin roofing
Riggin the roof-tree
riglin undersized or weak animal
RIGS O' RYE haystacks
Rigwoodie lean.
rimple wrinkle+ ripple
rin run
RIN run
RIN THE GLESS used up the allotted time
rinagate fugitive
rind slat of wood
rind render+ melt down fat etc.
rind hoar-frost
ring reign
ringin domineering
Ripp a handful of corn from the sheaf.
rippet noisy boisterous uproar
Ripplin-kame the wool or flax comb.
ripture riptur rupture
Riskit cracked.
risp file+ saw roughly
rissom rizzom single ear of oats
Rive to split
riven rivven torn
rizzar redcurrant
ROARIN' FU' extremely drunk
roch ruch rough
rochle rough+ rough person etc.
Rock a distaff.
Rockin a social meeting.
rodden rowan berries
rone roof gutter
rone-pipe drainpipe
Roon round
ROON round
roond round
roond aboot around
roose rooze rouse
Roose to praise
Roose reputation.
Roosty rusty.
roset resin+ roset
rosidandrum rhododendron
rosie reddish marble
rot rot
Rottan a rat.
rotten rotted
rottit rotted
rouk rook riot+ disturbance
Roun' round.
roup roop shout+ roar+ hoarseness
roup roop plunder+ rob+ prune
Roupet exhausted in voice.
Roushae Rooshie+ Roosha Russia
roust roost rust
rout root sea roar+ rumble
Routh v. rowth.
Routhie well-stocked.
rove wander in thought or speech
Row rowe
rowan mountain ash
ROWAN FU' pregnant
rowe row roll+ tie
rowed rolled
rowk rouk+ rook mist+ fog
rowle rule
rown rolled
rowp roup plunder+ devour+ sell by auction
rowst shout+ roar+ bellow+ arouse
rowt roar of animals+ play a horn
Rowte to low
rowth plenty
Rozet resin.
rubbage rubbish
rue repent+ regret
ruid rude rood
ruif rufe roof
ruind rind edge of strip of cloth
ruit root
rumgumption common sense
rummle reimle rumble
rummlie stony soil
rump topside beef cut
run ran
runch crunch+ grind the teeth+ a bite
Run-deils downright devils.
rung a strong stick
Rung a cudgel.
runkelt runkilt creased+ crumpled
Runkl'd wrinkled.
runkle wrinkle
runt decayed tree stump
Runt a cabbage or colewort stalk.
ruse a trick+ cunning
rusk claw+ scratch
Ryke to reach.
ryle rile royal
ryme rime hoar-frost+ frosty haze or mist
rynd get in order
rype ransack+ rifle+ clean
ryve rive tear
ryved torn