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Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words

sab sob
sae so
sael bind cattle+ cattle bind
saft soft
saicrament sacrament
said sayed+ sayd said
saidle saddle
saidler saddler
saikless sakeless innocent+ feeble
saim same fat+ grease+ lard
sain sane bless+ protect
sain sayen+ sayn said
saip sape soap
sair sare sore+ very
Sair to serve.
Sair sairly
sairie sairry sorry
saithe saith full grown coalfish
saitin satin
saitisfee satisfy
sall sal shall
samin same
Sandy Sannack
sang song+ sang
SANG song
sanna shan't
sanshach wily+ shrewd
sant disappear+ vanish
sap a sop
sappie juicy meat+ plump+ soggy
sapple soak with water
sapples soapy lathers
saps pieces of brad soaked in milk
sapsie soft+ sloppy+ effeminate
sark serk shirt
sarkin roof boarding
Sassenach English (Saxon)
sassenger sausage
sat sat
sattle settle
sauch saugh sallow+ willow
saucht ease+ quiet
sauf safe+ save
Saugh the willow.
SAUGHS willows
saul sawl soul (religious)
saumon salmon
Saumont sawmont
saunt saint
sauntlie saintly
saur taste+ smell+ slight breeze
saurless tasteless+ lacking in wit
saut salt
Saut-backets v. backets.
savendie strong+ secure+ trustworthy
saw saw (wood)
Saw to sow.
Sawbath Sunday
sawd sawed
sawe saw sow
sawed sowed
sawn sawed
Sawney v. sandy.
sax six
SAXPENCE sixpence
saxt sixth
saxteen sixteen
saxteent sixteenth
saxtie sixty
say say
scabbit skabbit scabbed+ bare infertile land
scaff skaff scrounge+ gather what is
scaffenger skaffenger scavenger
scaffie skaffie street sweeper+ refuse collector
scallion skallion a spring onion
scam skam burn+ singe
scance skance scan+ analyse+ glance
scant skant lack+ scarcity
scantlins skantlins scarcely
Scar to scare.
Scar v. scaur.
scart skart scratch
Scathe scaith
scaud skaud scold
Scaud to scald.
Scaul scold.
Scauld to scold.
scaum skaum scorch+ singe
scaup skaup scalp+ this soil+ stony ground
scaur skaur scar+ steep rock+ precipee
Scaur afraid; apt to be scared.
scaw skaw scaly skin disease+ barnacles
scawt skawt having a skin disease
scent scent+ small quantity
scheme skeme plan+ housing estate
Scho she.
schuil skuil+ scuil+ scule+ schule school
scissor pair of scissors
sclaff sklaff strike with open hand
sclaffer sklaffer clumsy flat footed person
sclam sklam climbed
sclammer sklammer clamber
sclatch sklatch smear+ smudge+ a heavy fall
sclate sklate slate
scleff skleff thin and flat+ thin slice
sclender sklender slender
sclent sklent aslant
sclent sklent move at a slant+ squint
scleushNE skleush walk clumsily
scliff skliff shuffle+ strike+ segment of orange
sclim sklim climb
sclimt sklimt climbed
sclinter sklinter splinter+ break off
sclum sklum climbed
scly slide+ skate as on ice
sclyte sklite fall+ work clumsily
scob skob twig+ rod or slat of wood
scodge skodge a servant+ do rough work
sconce skonce guard
scone crush flat
scone scone+ flat round baked cake
Sconner disgust.
Sconner sicken.
scoor skoor+ skour scour+ light shower+ gust
scoorie scruffy+ shabby
scoor-oot scatter coins
scoot skoot+ skout squirt+ spout+ hurry+ scout
score skore scratch a mark+ crevice
Scots Word Alt Spelling Meaning
scouk skook+ skouk conceal+ hide
scouk skook skulk+ avoid+ scowl
scoul skool scowl
SCOUR THE DURK drive out the big clumsy person
scoush skoosh squirt
scoush skoosh gush in spurts
scousher skoosher a sprinkler device
scouth skooth scope
scowder skowder burn+ scorch+ over toast
scowe skowe flat bottomed boat
scowes skowes barrel staves+ splinters
scowthe skowthe freedom+ scope
scrae skrae stunted+ shrivelled
scraible skraible+ skraibil scrabble
Scraichin calling hoarsely.
scrammle skrammil scramble
scran skran scraps of food+ beg
scrat skrat scratch+ claw+
scrauch skrauch scream+ shout
scrauchle skrauchil scramble with hands and feet
scree skree loose stones+ sieve
screed scried+ skreid long speech or piece of writing
Screed a rip
Screed to repeat rapidly
screenge screinge scour+ search
screich skreech+ skraich screech
Scriechin screeching.
Scriegh skriegh
scrieve screeve+ screive+ skreive write
scriever skreiver+ screiver+ screever writer
Scrievin careering.
scrimp skrimp skimp
Scrimpit scanty.
scrink skrink shrivel+ shrink
scriptur scripter scripture
scrog skrog stunted bush or tree
Scroggie scroggy
scruif skruif+ scrufe+ skrufe scruff+ scurf+ scab
scrunkit skrunkit shrunken+ shrivelled
scrunt skrunt worn by use+ scrape
scud skud a blow+ smack+ naked
scuddie skuddie naked
scuff skuff graze
scug skug hide+ shelter
scuip scupe+ skip scoop+ brim of hat+ cap peak
scuipit bunnet skippit bunnet cloth cap with peak
sculdudderie skulldudderie fornication
Sculdudd'ry bawdry.
scult skult slap+ smack
scumfish scomfish suffocate+ choke
scunge squeenge prowl about
scunner skunner disgust
scunneration causing disgust
scunnersome disgusting
scurl skurl scab
scurrivaig skurrivaig tramp+ vagabond+ aimlessly roam
scutter do messily
sea sea
sea maw sea gull
sea pyot oyster catcher
season saison season
seat sait seat
sech sigh
seck sack
secretar secretary
sederunt sederount list of present at meeting
see sie see
seed seed
see'd seed saw
seein gless mirror
seek seek
seek seik sick+ vomit
seek seik+ siek soak+ ooze
seeken sicken
seel seil happiness+ bliss+ prosperity
seelfu pleasant+ happy
seem seem
seen seen+ saw
seendle seindle rare+ seldom
seep ooze+ leak
seerup seirup syrup
seestem seistem system
seetiation seitiation situation
seg segg sedge+ yellow flag iris
seg sag
seggan a wild iris
seicont saicont+ seecont+ saicant second
seil seel strain+ filter
Seisins freehold possessions.
sel sell self
sell sell
Sell'd sell't
selt sellt sold
semmit woollen undershirt
semple simple
Sen' send.
send send
sent sent
September September
ser sair+ serr serve
serrin sairin serving
sert saired+ serred served+ satisfied+ full-up
servit servette napkin
set set+ sit
Set sat.
Sets becomes.
Seturday Saturday
severals several persons or things
sey sieve+ trial piece of work
sgagivenent skinny adolescent
Shachl'd shapeless.
SHACKLED shapeless
shae shoe
shaidae shaida+ shaddie shadow
Shaird shred
shairp sherp sharp
shairpit sharpened
shak shake
shakit shakkit shaken
shakit shook
shaks shakes
shammle shammil shamble
Shanagan a cleft stick.
shangie a forked stick+ a row
shangies handcuffs
shank leg+ walk+ shaft
Shanna shall not.
shap shop
shape shape
shapit shaped
sharg small+ stunted person
sharn cattle dung
shauchelt shauchilt worn out+ out of shape
shauchle scauchil shuffle
Shaul shallow.
shauld shallow
Shaver a funny fellow.
Shavie trick.
shaw show+ display
shaw copse
she shae+ sheu she
shear sheir shear+ clip
shear moose shrew
shearer reaper
SHEARIN' cutting hay
shears scissors
shed shedd separate+ divide
sheel shell
sheen shein shine+ gleam+ glisten
sheep sheep
Sheep-shank a sheep's trotter; nae sheep-shank bane = a person of no small
Sheerly wholly.
Sheers scissors.
SHEILIN cottage
sheltie Shetland pony
shenachie storyteller
sherrack a noisy quarrel
Sherra-moor sheriffmuir.
sheuch ditch+ trench
Sheugh a ditch
sheuk shuik shook
sheuken shaken
shevel showl twisted mouth+ twist+ bitter taste
shew sow+ sowed
shewd sowed
shewd sown
shewn sown
shiel sheil temporary rough hut
shielin shieling+ sheilin high summer pasture
shilagie coltsfoot (plant)
shilfie shillie+ shilfa chaffinch
Shill shrill.
shilp bitter
shilpie thin+ puny
shilpit pale+ sickly+ weak
shin ridge or steep hill face
shirpit thin+ shrunken
shirra sheriff
shite defecate+ excrement
shiver shiver+ shudder
shivereens small bits
shock a paralytic stroke
shod shod
shoden shod
Shog a shake.
SHOOIN' being shod
Shool a shovel.
Shoon shoes.
SHOON shoes
shore threaten+ scold
Shore to offer
shored threatened
shorn shorn
Short syne a little while ago.
shot shot
shotten shot
shoud shuid+ shude+ suld should+ ought
shouder shooder+ shoother shoulder
shouer shooer shower+ pang of pain
shoug shog shake jolt
shougle shoggle shake
shouglie shay+ unsteady
Shouldna should not.
shoup shaped
Shouther showther
SHOUTHER shoulder
showd rock+ sway
showl scowl
showl grimace
SHOW'RS showers
shreed shreid shred
shrood shroud
shrunkelt shrunken+ shrivelled
shue shoo+ shew swing+ rock or sway
shuester sempster
shuil shule+ shool shovel
shuin shune+ shoon shoes
shuir sure
shuir shure shore v.
shuirlie surely
shuit shute shoot
Shure shore (did shear).
shyve shive a slice
sib related
sic such
siccan such
siccar secure+ safe+ certain+ sure
sicht sight
SICHT sight
Sicker steady
siclike such like+ of the same kind+
sicwice thus
sidelins sideways
sieven seeven+ saiven seven
sievent seventh
sieventeent seventeenth
sieventie seventy
sile syle newly hatched young fish
siller money+ silver
simmen straw rope for thatch
simmer summer
sin sen since+ ago
sin sun+ son
sin syne since then
sinder sinner part+ separate
SINDER to part company from
sinderie sinnerie sundry
sindoun sunset
sindrins a fork in the road
Sindry sundry.
sing sing
singe singe
singed singed
Singet singed
singit sang
single single
Sinn the sun.
Sinny sunny.
sirple sip+ drink continuously
sist delay proceedings (legal)
sister sister
sit sit
skaich scaich sponge+ obtain
skaich scaich pilfer+ disappointment
skail scail spill
skailie scallie+ scailie a slate+ a slate pencil
skails spills
skailt spilled
skair scar+ scare timid+ shy
Skaith damage.
skaith n. scaith harm
skaithe v. scathe harm
skathie scathie fence
skeel skeel skill+ experience
skeer skeir scare
skeetch skeitch ice-skate
skeetcher skeitcher stone for piever
skeich skeech+ sceech frisky+ restless+ in high spirits
skeichen skeechen timid+ fussy about food
Skeigh skiegh
skelf scelf splinter
skellie scellie squinting+ glance+ exaggerate+
skelloch scream+ wild mustard
skellochs screams
skellum scamp+ rogue+ scoundrel
skelp scelp slap
Skelp to spank; skelpin at it = driving at it.
Skelpie-limmer's-face a technical term in female scolding (R. B.).
skelter scurry+ scamper+ rush
Skelvy shelvy.
skemmels slaughterhouse+ meat or
skemmle shamble
skemp scamp
skep basket+ beehive
skerrie skerry ridge+ precipice+ rock in sea
SKERRY rocky island or reef
skew go off the straight+ twist
skewl turn aside+ twist
skiddle splash+ spill+ a mess
skiddle move quickly and lightly
skiddlie small+ insignificant
Skiegh v. skeigh.
skiff skim
skiffin slight fall of now+ thin partition+
skiffle skiffil skip or skim across
SKIFFS blows
skift skip+ skim+ fall lightly
skilt move about quickly and lightly
skimmer flicker+ shimmer
skink shin or knuckle of beef+ pour
Skinking watery.
skinkle glitter+ gleam+ sparkle
Skinklin glittering.
skione large amount of something soft
skirl scream
Skirl to cry or sound shrilly.
skirt run away+ play truant
skitter have diarrhoea
Sklent a slant
Sklent to slant
Skouth scope.
Skriech a scream.
Skriegh to scream
skyceNE skice leave quickly without detection
skyme skime glance or gleam
skyre skire shine+ glitter+ clear+ bright
Skyrin flaring.
skyte skite squirt
skyve skive roam+ shave+ pare+ slice off
slabber salivate+ talk drivel+ slobber
slack a hollow between hills
slade slaid slid
slae sloe+ slow worm
slaiger smear
slaik slake lick+ slobber
slair smear
slairie a smear+ daub+ lick of paint
slaister feed or work messily
slaisterie wet and dirty+ muddy
slaisterin untidy+ careless and messy
slait slate abuse
slaiter wood louse
slap slop narrow pass
Slap a breach in a fence; a gate.
slauchter slaughter
slaurie spread or splash with mud etc.
slaw slaa slow+ slowly
sled sledge
slee sly+ clever+ skilled
sleek sleik smooth+ deceitful+ cunning
sleekit sleikit sly+ smooth
sleep sleep
sleepit slept
SLEES slinks
slerp slobber+ daub with something
slicht sleight+ slight
slid slippery+ smooth
slidden slid
slidder slip+ slide+ slither
Slidd'ry slippery.
slide slyde slide
slidie slippery
slidit slid
slink smooth crafty person
slippie slippery
slippit slipped
slitter work or walk messily in water etc
slitterie wet and messy+ sloppy
sloch slough+ outer skin
sloch eat noisily
slock(en) quench thirst+ put out fire
slockin a drink+ enough drink
slogger a dirty untidy person
Sloken to slake.
sloonge slounge lounge
slootch slouch+ crouch+ cower
slorach slobber
slork make a slobbering noise
slorp slobber+ squelch
sloum sloom slumber
sloush sloosh sluice+ splash
slouster slooster work untidily or messily
sluch a slough
slump lump together+ a marsh
slung a sling
slunk wet and muddy hollow+ ditch
slunken weak- or starved looking
slup slip
sluppit slipped
slype slipe a hard slap or smack
Slypet slipped.
Sma' small.
SMA' small
smaa sma+ smaw small
smad stain+ discolour
smairg smear with something oily
smairt smert smart
smatter smash+ shatter
smeddum spirit+ energy
Smeddum a powder.
smeek smeik smoke
smiddie smiddy smithy
Smiddy smithy.
SMIDDY blacksmith
smirk smile
smirl smirk
smirr fine rain
smirtle giggle+ snigger
smit infect+ attack+ spot+ stain
smoch thick fog or smoke
Smoor'd smothered.
SMOORS smothers
smore smother+ suffocate+ choke
smorin thick choking
smou smoo smile
smouder smooder smoulder
smouk smook slink or sneak
smoul smool slip away
smourach smoorach fine dust or powder
smourich smoorich kiss
smourichs kisses
smous smoos smiles
Smoutie smutty.
smowt salmon fry+ smolt
smudge smirk
smue smew smile
smuir smour+ smure smother
smuist smuste smoulder
smush crush+ smash
Smytrie a small collection; a litter.
snack snap+ bite+ quick+ sharp+ alert
snagger snore loudly
snail a slug
Snakin sneering.
Snap smart.
Snapper to stumble.
snar severe+ strict
snash snap+ vituperate+ sneer+
snash pert+ saucy
Snash abuse.
snaw sna+ snaa snow
SNAW BREE melting snow
Snaw-broo snow-brew (melted snow).
snawd snowed
snawn snowed
sneck latch+ snap+ a notch
sned prune
sneesh snuff+ take snuff
sneesh sneish sneeze
Sneeshin mill a snuff-box.
sneest sneist behave contemptuously+ a taunt
sneestie cheeky
sneiter sneeter giggle+ weep
snell chilly
snell bitter+ severe+ sharp to taste
snib bolt+ fasten
snib fasten+ cut+ slice
snicher snigger+ tittle
Snick a latch; snick-drawing = scheming; he weel a snick can draw = he is
snievel sneevil snivel
snifter sniff+ snivel+ snort+ snore
snirlie gusty+ biting wind
snirt suppressed laughing
snirtle sneer
Snirtle to snigger.
snochter nasal mucus
snochter-dichter handkerchief
snod smooth+ level+ neat
snodge pace
snoit snore
Snoods fillets worn by maids.
Snool to cringe
snoot snout
Snoove to go slowly.
snorl knot+ tangle+ twist
snowk sniff+ smell
Snowkit snuffed.
snuid snude fishing line
snuil snule submit tamely
snuve snuive glide+ spin
socht sought
SOCHT sought
socht(en) sought
sock ploughshare
sodger sojer soldier
soiree swaree soiree
solvendie firm+ safe+ sure
some sum some
some bit somewhere
some ither bodie someone else
somebodie someone
somegate somewhere
somegate somehow
someither some other
something something
somewey somehow or other
somewey somewhere
sonse abundance+ prosperity+
sonsie fortunate+ plump
Sonsie sonsy
Soom to swim.
soond sound+ noise+ healthy
soop sweep
soopit swept
soor sour
soor-douk soor-dook buttermilk+ yoghurt
soorock sorrel
sooth south
Soothron English
sorn (on) sponge or scrounge off
sorner sponger
sorrae sorra sorrow
sort tidy+ arrange+ repair
soss a wet soggy mess
sotter simmer
sou soo sow+ pig
souch sooch sough+ sigh
souder solder+ unite+ combine
Sough v. sugh.
SOUGHS sighs
souk sook suck+ teachers pet
soukie soorocks sookie soorocks wood sorrel
soukit sucked
soum soom swim
soumed swam
soumer swimmer