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Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words

sound of a large bell (R. B.)
soup soop sip
Soupe sup
souple soople supple
souse soose strike+ a thump
souter shoemaker+ cobbler
sowans sooans oat husks and meal steeped
Sowans nicht Christmas eve
Sowens porridge of oat flour.
sowff hum+ draught
sowk drench+ tipple
sowl soul+ person
Sowps sups.
Sowth to hum or whistle in a low tune.
Sowther to solder.
spae foretell+ prophesize
spaewife female fortune teller
spaicial special
spail spale splinter+ work
Spails chips.
spainyie Spanish+ Indian cane
spairge scatter+ sprinkle
Spairge to splash; to spatter.
spaiver trousers' front opening
spak spoke
SPAK spoke
spake spaik spoke of wheel+ perch
spang span
spank move quickly
spar wooden bolt+ rung+ perch
sparrae sparra sparrow
spart slatted
spartle leap+ spring
spat spat
spate heavy downpour+ tears
Spates floods.
spaul-bane shoulder blade
Spavie the spavin.
Spavit spavined.
speak speik speak
speal speel+ spiel+ speil splinter+ wood chip
spean spein+ suckling animal
Spean to wean.
speariment spearmint
Speat a flood.
speeder speider spider
speel speil spell of time
Speel to climb.
Speer spier
speerit speirit+ spreet spirit
Speet to spit.
speil speel climb+ play+ game+ story
speir speer+ spier inquire+ ask
speirins information+ news
speirt inquired
speld spel split+ cut+ slice open
spelder split+ cut up+ sprawl
spelk sharp splinter+ splint
spell v. spell words
spence inner room of house
Spence the parlor.
spendrif prodigal+ extravagant+
spentacles spectacles
sperfle sperfil scatter
speug spug house-sparrow
spew speu flow+ pour
spicket spigot outdoor tap
SPIER+ SPIERED ask+ asked
Spier. v. speer.
spindrift windy spray
spinner spider+ daddy-longlegs
spinnin jenny daddy-longlegs
spirl a small slender shoot
spit spit
spitten eemage exact image
splairge smatter+ besmear
splat split
spleet spleit split
spleetit split
spleuchan leather pouch
splore frolic+ escapade+ outing+ explore
Splore a frolic; a carousal.
splorer explorer
splurt squirt
splyce splice a sliver of wood+ splinter
spoken spoken
spoot spout
spounge spoonge ooze+ mop
Sprachl'd clambered.
sprad spread p.t.
sprat reedy rush or grass
sprattle scramble+ struggle+ sprawl
sprauchle climb+ struggle+ sprawl
spreckle speckle
Spreckled speckled.
spreid speed spread
spreidit spread
Spring a quick tune; a dance.
springheid source+ origin
sprit-new brand-new
Sprittie full of roots or sprouts (a kind of rush).
sproush sproosh spruce+ brisk+ spruce-tree
Sprush spruce.
spuin spoon
spulyie plunder+ spoil
spunk spark+ match
spunkie will of the wisp+ small fire
Spunkie full of spirit.
Spunkie liquor
Spunkies jack-o'-lanterns
spurtle spurtil porridge stick
Spurtle-blade the pot-stick.
sputten spat
spyle spile spoil
spylt spoiled
Squatter to flap.
Squattle to squat; to settle.
squeak squaik squeal+ squeak+ squawk
squeegee squeegie at wrong angle+ out of shape
squyle squile squeal
Srivling Stirling
staa staw stall+ queasy feeling
staa staw surfeit+ stall
stacher stagger+ stumble
stack stuck
Staggie dim. of staig.
staig stalk+ stallion
Staik to stroke.
stainch stench stanch+ satisfy with food
stainchel stainshell iron bar+ grating
stair stair(s)
stairch sterch starch
stairheid top landing
staive stave sprain
staiver saunter+ easy going
stale stail foundation of haystack
stamack stomach
stammer stumble+ stagger
Stan' stand.
stance station+ site+ bus stop platform
stane stone
STANE stone
stane chack(art) stonechat
stane chipper wheatear
Stanehoose Stonehouse
Stanetoun Stenton
stang sting+ stung+ a pole+ bar or rod
stangt stung
Stank a moat; a pond.
stank drain+ pond
STANS stands
Stan't stood.
stap step+ cram.
Stap to stop.
stap-faither step-father
stappit stepped+ stuffed
Stapple a stopper.
STAPT+ STAPIT filled to bursting
stark strong
starn star+ pupil of eye
starnie starry
Starnies dim. of starn
Starns stars.
Startle to course.
Staumrel half-witted.
STAUN stand
staund stand
staundart standart standard+ upright pole
stave sprain+ wrench
staves (broken) pieces
staw staa stole
Staw a stall.
Staw to surfeit; to sicken.
steal steal
stealt stolen
steam steam
steamie public wash-house
stech stuff
stechie stiff
Stechin cramming.
steek steik stitch+ close
Steek to shut; to close.
Steek to shut; to touch
STEEK stitch+ or harden
Steenhyve Stonehaven
steepend steipend+ stipend stipend+ clergy's salary
steer steir stir
Steeve stieve+ steave+ steive firm+ stiff+ true
Steeve compact.
steg stride
steid steed place+ situation+ farm buildings
steidin steading
STEIRS stirs
stell prop+ support+ place in position
stell whisky still
Sten a leap; a spring.
stend leap+ spring+ bound
stent stint+ fixed task+ stretch
stent annual fee
Sten't sprang.
STENT stretch
Stented erected; set on high.
Stents assessments
stert stairt start
sterve stairve starve
steuch cloud of dust+ uproar+ stink
stevel stumble
stey live at+ stay
stey steep
Steyest steepest.
stibble stubble
Stibble-rig chief reaper.
stick stick
Stick-an-stowe completely.
stickers goose-grass
stickit stuck
stiddie anvil
still an on nevertheless
Stilt limp (with the aid of stilts).
Stimpart a quarter peck.
stinkin Billie sweet William
stinkin Willie ragwort
stint restrict
stirk ox
stirk heifer
Stirk a young bullock.
stishie bustle+ uproar
stob stake+ fence post+ a thorn+ stab
stock hard plant stalk+ block of wood
Stock a plant of cabbage; colewort.
Stoited stumbled.
Stoiter'd staggered.
stoond ache +throb+ tingle+ astound
Stoor harsh
stoot stout
stop stop
stoppit stopped
storm cock missle thrush
stot stagger+ stumble
stot bullock
stot bullock+ clumsy person+ bounce
stotter stagger+ stumble+ rebound
stouk stook shock of corn
stoukie stookie stucco+ plaster+ slow witted
Stoun' pang
STOUND sudden pang of the heart
stour stoor dust
STOUR (BIDE THE STOUR) bear the struggle
Stoure dust.
Stourie dusty.
stovies stewed potatoes
stowe stow fill with food
stowed oot full+ packed
stown stolen
STOWN stolen
Stownlins by stealth.
stowp liquid measure+ tankard
Stoyte to stagger.
strack strak struck
strae straw
Strae death death in bed. (i. e.
strag stray pigeon
straidle straddle
Strak struck.
strake stroke
strake straik stroke+ blow+ spear+ spread
STRAKES strokes
stramash uproar
stramp tramp+ walk
strang strong
strange streenge+ stringe strange
strauchle struggle
straucht straight
Straught straight.
Straught to stretch.
straun street gutter+ little stream
stravaig wander+ roam
strave strove
straw strew
strawn strewn
streamer(s) aurora borealis
streek streek stretch
Streekit stretched.
streeng streeng string
STREETCHED stretched out
strenth strength
strick strik strike
Striddle to straddle.
strinkle sprinkle
strip stripe+ strip
strive strive
striven strove
strone urinate
Stron't lanted.
strounge stroonge bitter+ harsh+ gruff+ sullen
stroup stroop spout
strowe strow strew+ struggle+ quarrel
strucken struck
strunt strut
strunt sulk
Strunt liquor.
Strunt to swagger.
stucken stuck
stuckie starling
Studdie an anvil.
studie study
stuid stude stood
stuiden stood
stuil stule stool+ bench+ counter
stuit stute prop+ support
stummle stumble
Stumpie dim. of stump; a worn quill.
stunkart sullen
stupit stupid
Sturt worry
Sturtin frighted
styme stime glimpse+ particle
Styme the faintest trace.
styte stite nonsense+ stagger
subscrieve subscreive subscribe
succar sugar
Sucker sugar.
Sud should.
suddent suddenly
suddle dirty soil
Sugh sough
suidna shouldn't oughtn't
suin sune soon
suiner sooner+ rather
suit sute soot + suit
sumf sumph stupid+ sullen+ sulky person
Sumph churl.
Sunday Sunday
Sune soon.
sung sang
sunge singed
Suthron southern.
sutten sat past perf.
swadge swage subside+ relax
Swaird sward.
swall swal swell
swallae swalla+ swallie swallow
Swall'd swelled.
swalt swelled
swalt swollen
swank agile+ strong+ smart
Swank limber.
Swankies strapping fellows.
Swap exchange.
Swapped swopped
swarf faint
swat sweated
swatch a glimpse+ example
Swats new ale.
sweel swiel+ sweil swell
sweeng sweing swing
sweer sweir lazy+ unwilling+ reluctant
Sweer v. dead-sweer.
sweevel sweil+ swievel swivel
sweir sweer swear
sweit sweet sweat
sweitit sweated
sweltrie hot+ sultry
swey sway+ swerve
swick deceive+ swindler
swine swyne pig(s)
swinge heavy blow
swipper quick+ nimble
swirl swurl twist+ twirl+ coil
Swirlie twisted
swith quickly+ at once
swither be uncertain+ hesitate
Swoom swim.
Swoor swore.
sworn swurn sworn
swuire swure swore
swurd sword
swutten sweated
swyre swire hollow between hills
sy(v)er syre ditch+ drain+ gutter
sybae sybie+ syboe spring onion
Sybow a young union.
sye strain in sieve
syes chives
syke sike small stream
synd syne+ syn rinse+ wash out+ swill
syne sine then+ since that time
sype sipe seep+ soak+ ooze
sypins leakings+ last drops
tack a lease+ period of time
Tack possession
tacket small nail
tadger penis
tae in comparison with
tae toe+ to
tae to+ until
tae-brig draw bridge
tae-come profit
Taed toad.
Tae'd toed.
tae-draucht attractive force
tae-faw lean-to building
tae-flicht refuge+ asylum
taein taking
taen taken
Taen taken.
tae-nam nick name
Taet small quantity.
taiblet tablet
taid toad
taidspue toad spawn
taigelt hindered
taigle harass+ delay+ detain+ hinder
taiken token
tailyie cut or slice of meat
tainant tenant
tairge targe+ terge beat+ scold+ cross-examine
Tairge to target.
tairible tairrible terrible
tairt tart
taissle entangle
tait tate a small quantity
taiver wander
taivers rags+ tatters+ shreds
taivert muddled+ bewildered
tak take
TAK+ TAKS take+ takes
Tald told.
tallae talla+ tallie tallow
Tane one in contrast to other.
tangs tongs
tansie tansy ragwort
tap top
Tapetless senseless.
Tapmost topmost.
Tappet-hen a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of claret.
Tap-pickle the grain at the top of the stalk.
tappietourie tappietoorie tassel+ pom-pom
tappit topped
TAPS tops
tapsalteirie tapsalteerie upside down+ muddled
Targe to examine.
tarragat question closely+ pester
tarrock a turn (bird)
tarrow linger
Tarrow to tarry; to be reluctant
tash damage+ stain
tashie tattered
tassie cup
Tassie a goblet.
tattie tawtie potato
tattie-boggle scarecrow
tattrel rag
taucht taught
Tauk talk.
tauld told
taupie foolish+ awkward+ giddy+ idle
taur tar
taut tangled tuft of hair or wool
taw taa knead+ twist+ tug
Tawie tractable.
Tawpie a foolish woman.
taws leather strap
Tawted matted.
tea tea+ evening meal
teach teich teach
teacht taught
Teats small quantities.
teckle tackle
tedisome tedious+ tiresome
teel teil till land
teem teim pour rain
Teen vexation.
teend teen+ tein rage+ provoke
teepical teipical typical
teerant teirant tyrant
teet teit peep+ peer+ glance+ squeak
teeth teeth
teetle teitle title
teind teend+ teen+ tein a tenth part
teir teer+ terr tear+ wild vetch
televeesion telveesion television
tell tell
Tell'd told.
TELLT told
telt tellt told
Temper-pin a fiddle-peg; the regulating pin of the spinning-wheel.
ten ten
tend attend to+ look after+ see to
tender tenner sickly+ in poor health
tenner ten pound note
tenon tendon
tent attend to+ care
tent tenth
Tent to tend; to heed; to observe.
tentie careful+ attentive
Tentier more watchful.
tentless inattentive
Tester an old silver coin about sixpence in value.
teuch tough
teuchit lapwing
teuchter chuchter highlander+ bumpkin (contempt)
teug tug
Teugh tough.
teuk took
teylor teylour tailor
thack thatch n.v.
Thack thatch; thack and rape = the covering of a house
Thae those.
thae adj. these
thae dem. pron. those
thaim them
thair their
Thairm small guts; catgut (a fiddle-string).
thairs theirs
thairsels themselves
than then
thare there
thareawa thereabouts
thareoot outside
that that+ which+ who(rel. pron.)
that so
Thatwey in that way+ like that
thay thai they
the conter on the contrary
The Crail Crail
the hale haill the whole
the lenth o as far as
The Mey May Island
The Nethertoun Nethertown
The Pans Prestonpans
the sel o ye yourselves
the sel o't itself
the t'ae hauf o't one half of it
the tane the one
the tither the other
the tither hauf the other half
the war there was/were
the wey o't how it goes
Theckit thatched.
the-day today
thee thigh
theevle theevil+ theivil+ thievil+ theevle short stick for stirring food
thegither together
the-morn tomorrow
the-nicht tonight
thenk thank
thenkrif thankrife very grateful
the-nou just now
the'r there is / are
thesaurer treasurer
the-streen last evening
Thick v. pack an' thick.
thiefs thieves
Thieveless forbidding
thig beg+ cadge
Thiggin begging.
thimmle thimble
thing hing+ hin thing
thingmie thingmy a thing
think think
Thir these.
thir adj. those
thir (dem. pron.) these
thirl be bound+ obligation
Thirl'd thrilled.
thirsel(s) themselves
thirsels themselves
this this
thiswey this way
tho though+ indeed
thocht thought
THOCHT thought
thole endure
thon those (yonder)
thonder thonner yonder
thoosan thousand
thoosant thousandth
thorter across (timber grain)+ thwart
thoum thoom thumb
Thou'se thou shalt.
thowe thaw
thoweless listless
Thowless lazy
thrang throng+ busy
thrapple throat+ throttle
Thrapple the windpipe.
thrash thrash+ thresh
thrave throve
Thrave twenty-four sheaves of corn.
thraw throw+ twist
Thraw to twist; to turn; to thwart.
thrawart awkward
thrawd threw+ twisted
thrawn difficult+ twisted+ perverse
thrawn thrown+ twisted
THRAWN obstinate(ly)
Thraws throes.
threap threip+ threep insist
threeplet triplet
three-ply triple
Threesome trio.
threid threed thread
threidit threaded
threidit thread
threit threet threat n.
thresh thrash
threttan thirttan+ thirteen thirteen
threttant thirteenth
Thretteen thirteen.
Thretty thirty.
threw threw+ twisted
thrid third
thrien threen thriven
thrissle thistle
Thristed thirsted.
thrittie thirty
thrittient thirteenth
thrive thrive
THRO' through
throu through
throu over+ completed
througate passage way+ lane
Through mak to through = make good.
throuither any how+ in confusion
Throu'ther (through other) pell-mell.
thruish thrashed
thruishen thrashed
thrum strum
thrummle squeeze+ wring
Thummart polecat.
thummle thimmle thimble
thunner thunder
Thy lane alone.
tice tyce entice+ cox
ticht tight
tid time or season
tift tiff+ quarrel
tig tap+ pat
Tight girt
til to
till until
Tillicoutrie Tillicoultry
Till't to it.
timeous at the proper time
timmer timber
TIMMER timber
timorsome nervous+ timid
Tine to lose; to be lost.
tingle v. tinkle+ chime
TININ losing
tinkle trifle
tinkler tinker
tint lost
TINT lost
Tip v. toop.
tippence two pence
tipper walk on tiptoes+ well dressed
tirl vibrate+ quiver
Tirl to strip.
Tirl to knock for entrance.
tirr strip+ remove
tirraneese tirraneise harass with overwork
tirrivee tirrivie rage+ excitement
tishie tissue (paper)
titch touch
tither the other
Tittlin whispering.
TO DRINK THE BREEST YOU'VE BREWED to be responsible for the
tocher dowry
Tocher to give a dowry.
Tocher-gude marriage portion.
tod fox
To-fa' the fall.
Toom empty.
TOON town
Toop tup
Topsalteerie topsy-turvy.
torn torn
tortie tortoise
tortur torter torture
Toss the toast.
tossle tassel
tot the sum total+ the whole lot
tottie tiny
tottle toddle
touel tooel towel
touer toor tower
toun toon town
Toun town; farm steading.
TOUROCKS smoke from chimneys
tousie toosie disordered+ dishevelled+ rough
Tousie shaggy.
tousle toosle ruffle
TOUSLED tangled
Tout blast.
tove rise into air+ stream out
Tow flax
towe tow+ rope
Towmond towmont
towmont twelve months+ a year
Towsing rumpling (equivocal).
towt slight illness+ huff
Toyte to totter.
Tozie flushed with drink.
traik trake ill+ wander+ trek
traikle traicle treacle
TRAIVELS travels
traivelt travelled+ walked
traivle traivil travel+ walk
Trams shafts.
Transmogrify change.
Trashtrie small trash.
trauchle trauchil drudge
treason traison+ treison treason
treat trait treat+ treated
tredden trodden
tredit trod
tree tree
treen trees (arch.) wooden
treeple treiple tripple
treid treed tread
tremmle trimmle tremble
Trews trousers.
TREWS tartan trousers
tricker trigger
trig smart+ quick+ clever
TRIG neat+ smart
Trinklin flowing.
Trin'le the wheel of a barrow.
trinnle trickle
troch trough
Trogger packman.
Troggin wares.
troke barter+ trade+ business+
TRON town market place
troot trout
Trouse trousers.
trowe trow trust+ believe
trowth truith truth
truible tribble trouble
trumf trump
trummle tremble+ tremor
Trump a jew's harp.
truntle trundle
tryst appointment+ meeting
Tryste a fair; a cattle-market.
TRYSTE cattle fair
Trysted appointed.
TRYSTED promised
Trysting meeting.
tuim tume empty
tuimt emptied
tuin tune
tuip tup+ tupe ram
tuir ture tore
tuith tooth
tulchan a calfskin +a substitute+
tulyie tuilyie+ tulzie brawl
Tulyie tulzie
tulyiesome quarrelsome
tumfie dull+ stupid+ fat person
tummle tumble
tummler tumbler
tumshie turnip
tung tongue
tur turr turf
turbot halibut
tushilaigo tushilago coltsfoot
twa twae two
twa three a few
TWA'D it would
Twafauld twofold
twa-fauld bent over+ folded double
twal twelve
Twal twelve; the twal = twelve at night.
twaloors midday meal(dinner)+ midday
Twalpennie worth a penny worth (English money).
twalt twelfth
twang pang
Twang twinge.
'TWAS it was
Twa-three two or three.
Tway two.
tweetle tweitle whistle+ warble
twicet twice
Twin twine
TWIN plait
twintie twanty+ twuntie twenty
twintieth twentieth
Twistle a twist; a sprain.
twyne twine separate
tyauve chyauve knead+ struggle
tyke tike cur
Tyke a dog.
tyne tine lose
Tyne v. tine.
tyned lost
Tysday Tuesday