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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Apr-00 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
ugg ug loathe
uggin disgusting+ horrible+ annoying
uggit upset+ annoyed+ disgusted
uggsome ugly
Uil Yule+ Yuil Christmas
uin une+ oon oven
uisage yissage usage
uise yaise+ eeze+ eese use v.
uised used
uiss use n.
uissless yaisless useless
uisst used (to)
uisual yaiswal usual
Ulzie oil.
umberellae umberella umbrella
umwhile umquhile late+ deceased
unbidden uninvited
Unchancy dangerous.
uncle uncle
unco very
Unco remarkably
Unco remarkable
UNCO WHACKS (SIC' UNCO WHACKS) such blows as these
uncolie very much
uncos strange or unusual things
Uncos news
unction auction
undecent indecent
unfarrant unattractive+ unpleasant
unfreend unfreend an enemy+ non-friend
unhonest dishonest
Unkend unknown.
unkent unknown+ strange+ unfamiliar
unkiver uncuiver+ unkivver uncover
unner under
unnerstaund unnerstan understand
unraivle untangle
UNROWES unrolls
unsert unserred unserved
unsiccar unsteady
Unsicker uncertain.
Unskaithed unhurt.
unsneck unlatch
unsnib unbolt
unsteek unsteik unfasten
unweel unweill ill
unwicelike unwyce unwise+ foolish+ indiscreet
up up
upbring bring up+ rear+ upbringing
upby up there+ heaven+ upstairs
uphaud uphold
uphauden upheld
uplift pick up
upo upon
upredd a cleaning+ tidying
upreddin a scolding
upstaundin regular (wages)
upsteer upsteir stir up+ turmoil
uptail leave in a hurry
uptak intelligence
ure damp mist+ drizzle+ haze
us uz+ iz us
Usquabae usquebae
utmaist ootmaist utmost
v (vowe) vau v+ the 22nd letter of the alphabet
vacance holiday
vaig vage wander
vainish vanish
variorium decoration+ trinket+ ornament
vauntie proud+ boastful
vause vawse vase
veecious veicious vicious
veenegar veinigar vinegar
veesion veision vision
veesit veisit visit
veet veit vet
veeve vieve+ veive life-like+ bright+ clear
veige veege voyage
vennel alley
vent chimney flue
ventur venter venture
Vera very.
verra very
veshel vessel
vex fret grieve+ be sorry + trouble
view vyow view
Virls rings.
virr force+ strength
Vittle victual
vizzie study+ examine closely
Vogie vain.
vou voo vow
vyce vice voice
Wa' waw
WA' wall
'WA' awaywad
waa waw wall
wab web+ weave
wabbit exhausted+ weak+ feeble
wabble wobble
wabblie wishy-washy+ thin
wabster weaver
wad would+ wed+ bet+ wager+ wedded
Wad to wed.
Wad would
Wad'a would have.
waddin wedding+ cotton wool
Wadensday Wednesday
wadge wedge
wadna wouldn't
Wadset a mortgage.
wae woe+ woeful+ sorrowful+ vexed
Wae woful
Wae wo; wae's me = wo is to me.
Wae worth wo befall.
waerifu troublesome+ annoying+ sad
WAE'S ME woe is me
waesome sorrowful+ causing sorrow
Waesucks alas!
waff wave
wagitie pied wagtail
Wair v. ware.
waird guard
wairm werm warm
wairn warn
walcome welcome
wale choose+ choice
Wale choice.
Walie wawlie
walk wauk+ waak walk
wall well
wall girse watercress
wallae wallie+ walla wallow
wallie porcelain+ china+ pleasant+
walloch violent heavy movements
Wallop to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance.
walth wealth
walthie wealthy
Waly fa' ill befall!
wame womb+ belly
Wamefou bellyful.
wan won
WAN one
wanawnt unclaimed
wanchancie unlucky
Wanchancie dangerous.
wannd wand+ stick+ rod
wanndert lost+ confused+ senile
wanner waunder wander
Wanrestfu' restless.
wanshapen deformed
wansonsie mischievous
want waant need+ short of
wantin short of / lacking
wap wrap+ fold
wappin wapin+ wappen weapon
wappinshaw wapinschaw shooting competition
war wur were
WAR were
war the were there
ware spring (season)
ware kind of seaweed
ware spend money
Ware wair
Ware worn.
Wark work.
wark n. wirk v. wurk work
Wark-lume tool.
warks works
Warl' warld
warld world
warldlike normal in appearance
Warlock a wizard
WARLOCK wizard+ male witch
Warl'y warldly
warna warny weren't
warnish warn
WARP+ WARPIN weave+ weaving
Warran warrant.
Warse worse.
warsh tasteless
warsle warstle wrestle+ struggle+ strive
warslin struggling
warst worst
WARST worst
wase bundle or band of straw
wash waash wash
washt washed
wast west
wastart wastert westward
wasteid website
waster farther west
wastmaist westernmost
wastrie wasteful+ extravagant
Wat wet.
Wat wot
wat(en) wetted
Water-fit water-foot (the river's mouth).
Water-kelpies v. kelpies.
wather weather
watter water
watter brash heartburn
wattergaw incomplete rainbow
Wauble to wobble.
wauchelt perplexed+ bewildered
wauchle wachle walk clumsily
waucht a gulp of air or drink
wauges wages
Waught a draft.
wauk wake+ awake+ watch+ moist
wauk waulk cloth making process
wauken awake+ waken
Waukin awake.
Waukit (with toil) horny.
waukrif wakeful+ sleepless+ watchful
Waukrife wakeful.
WAUKRIFE sleepless
Waulie jolly.
waur worse
Waur't worsted
waux wax
waux claith oilcloth
we we
weak waik weak
wean (wee ane) baby /child
Wean (wee one) a child.
Weanies babies.
weary weary+ depressing+ annoying
Weason weasand.
weave weave
wecht weight+ weigh
Wecht a measure for corn.
wechten make heavier
wechtie weighty
wechts a pair of scales+ large amount
wee small+ tiny+ little
Wee a little; a wee = a short space or time.
Wee things children.
weed a plant in the wrong place
weed weid sudden high fever
weedae weeda+ weidae widow
week ook week
weel weill well
WEEL FAURED well favoured
WEEL STOCKET MAILIN+ HIMSEL FOR THE LAIRD well stocked farm landlord
weel-a-whit certainly
Weel-faured well-favored.
Weel-gaun well-going.
Weel-hain'd well-saved.
weemen weimen women
weeng weing wing
weeoors early morning
Weepers mournings (on the steeve or hat).
weet weit wet
weetit wet
weetit wetted
weidger weedger wager
weir weer wear+ wire+ guard+ defend
weird wierd fate
weizer weezer ooze
welter overturn+ upset+ confused noise
went gone
Werena were not.
WERENAE were not
werrock a corn+ a bunion
wersh tasteless
We'se we shall.
Westlin western.
WESTLIN westward+ western
wey wye way
wha whae who
WHA(S) who (whose)
whaal whale
whaizle wheeze
whalp a whelp
Whalpet whelped.
Wham whom.
whan when+ while
Whang a shive.
Whang flog.
Whar whare
Wha's who is.
Wha's whose.
whase whause whose
What for whatfore
What reck what matter; nevertheless.
Whatna what.
Whatt whittled.
whauk whack+ a cut+ great number
whaup curlew
whaur where
whaurawa whereabouts
whaure're wherever
wheem wheim whim
wheen whein a few
wheenge wheinge whinge
Wheep v. penny-wheep.
Wheep jerk.
wheeriorum wheeriorum toy+ thingamajig
wheesht wheisht be quiet+ silence
wheich wheech stench+ disgust
wheimer wheemer mutter+ whimper
wheip wheep squeak
wheiple wheeple whistle
whid lie+ exaggeration
Whiddin scudding.
Whids gambols.
whiffle play the flute
whigmaleerie whhigmaleirie whim+ whimsical
Whigmeleeries crotches.
while whyle while+ until
whiles whyles sometimes
whilk whulk which
whin whin basalt+ flint
whinbuss gorse or furze
Whingin whining.
Whins furze.
whip whip
WHIPPERT hastily
whirl whurl whirl+ wheel+ trundle+ cart
Whirlygigums flourishes.
whirrie whirl away
whissle whussle whistle
Whissunday whutsunday 28th May+ Whitsunday
Whist silence.
whit what
white whyte white
whiten what kind of+ which+ what sort of
whitfor why
whither whether
whitrat whitret weasel
Whitter a draft.
whittle whuttle knife
whitwey how? why?
whowe whow wow
whud fib+ lie
whummle whammle overturn+ turn inside out
whurligig spinning top
why why
wi with
Wi' with.
WI' with
wice wyce wise
wicelike sensible+ respectable
wicht person
Wick a bore hit a curling-stone obliquely and send it through an opening.
wickit wicked+ bad tempered+ angry
wid wuid+ wude wood
WID would
widdershins anti-clockwise+ opposite way
widdie wuidie twig of flexible wood+ willow
Widdifu' gallows-worthy.
Widdle wriggle.
WIDNAE would not
WIE with
Wiel eddy.
Wight strong
Wighter more influential.
wild wile+ willd wild
will wull will
Willcat wildcat.
Willyart disordered.
wilt wult wilt
Wimple to meander.
WIMPLIN' WAY winding road
win reach / won
WIN' wind
winch wench
wind wund wind
windae winda+ windie window
WINDAE window
windlestrae winnlestrae withered grass
winkers eyelids
Winn to winnow.
winna won't
winnd wind
winner wunnwe wonder
Winnin winding.
winnock windock window
Winnock-bunker v. bunker.
winsome charming
Win't did wind.
winter wunter winter
wintle stagger+ reel+ wriggle
Wintle a somersault.
Winze a curse.
wioot outside+ except
wir our
wird word+ wurd word
wirm wurm worm
wirr growl+ snarl
wirrie wirry worry
wirs ours
wirsel(s) ourselves
wirsit worsted
wirth warth worth
wis wus+ wiz+ wuz was+ were
Wi's with his.
WIS was
wisna wasn't+ weren't
wiss wuss+ weish wish
wisses wheeshes wishes
wisst weesht wished
wit wut sanity+ reason+ wisdom
Wi't with it.
WIT what
witch bewitch+ witch
wits wuts wits
wittins knowledge+ news+ information
wizzen wither(ed)+ dry(ed)
Won to dwell.
wone dwell
Wonner a wonder.
Woo' wool.
Woodie woody
Woodies twigs
Wooer-babs love-knots.
Wordy worthy.
worn worn
Worset worsted.
worth to befall
Worth v. wae worth.
worthed befell
worthed befallen
wrack vrackNE wreck
Wraith ghost.
wranch runch wrench
wrang wrong
wrat wart
wrat cf. wrate wrote
wratch vratchNE overstrain+ fatigue+ wretch+ miser
wrate writ
wreath wraith wreath
wricht wright
write write
wrocht worked
wrutten written
wud mad
Wud wild
wuish washed
wuishen washed
wulk wilk whelk+ periwinkle
WULLIE WAUGHT a hearty draught
Wumble wimble.
wumman woman
wun win
wund wound
wundit wound
wure wore
wurn complain
wyde wade+ weed
wye weigh
wyliecoat under frock+ under petticoat+
Wyliecoat undervest.
wynd a narrow winding street
WYND wind
wynt allow to go bad or sour
wyse wise+ wize lead+ entice
wyte wite blame+ accuse
Wyte (weight) blame.
yaff bark+ yelp+ chatter
yair fish-trap
yaird yard
yairn story+ yarn
yall yell+ howl
yallae yalla+ yella yellow
yallae lintie goldhammer
yallochie yellowish
yammer lament+ harp on
Yard a garden; a stackyard.
yatter chatter
Yaud an old mare.
yauld yaul active+ alert+ vigorous
yaup bawl
ye you
YE you
Yealings coevals.
yeld barren
Yell dry (milkless).
yelloch yell
yer yur your
YER your
Yerd earth.
YERDS yards (shipyards)
yerk jerk
Yerkit jerked.
yerl earl
Yermooth Yarmouth
yerp grumble+ fret
yers yours
yersel yourself
yersels yourselves
yese yeeze you pl.
Ye'se ye shall.
yestreen last evening+ yesterday
yett gate
Yettum Yetholm
yeuk itch
yill ale
Yill-Caup ale-stoup.
YIN one
yird earth+ bury
yirdit buried
yit yet
yoke grip+ deal with
Yokin yoking; a spell; a day's work.
yon yonder
YON yonder+ that
yon time that time
yonder yonder
yont along+ through
'Yont beyond.
yonwey yonder way
yorlin yellow hammer
you you
your your
yours yours
yoursel yourself (emphatic)
yoursels yourselves (emphatic)
youse youz you pl.
YOUSE you plural
youthheid youth+ adolescence
yowdendrift snow driven by the wind
yowe sheep+ ewe
Yowie dim. of ewe; a pet ewe.
yowl howl
yowt howl+ yell+ cry
Yule Christmas.
yung young
yungker younker youngster
yunk a stake marble