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Posted By: Keef
13-Jul-07 - 11:38 PM
Thread Name: SunCube Fiasco
Subject: RE: SunCube Fiasco
Hi Hlper
Yes I know that part is all bullshit, and I don't claim to be a rocket surgeon like Greg.
He has now totally corrupted the Sungrid group and you and I are no longer welcome!
Personally I haven't lost anything except a lot of time over this.
He has annoyed me sufficiently that I will not be happy until I see him get the kind of publicity that he so richly deserves.
I'll keep plugging away and I will fix him properly soon enough.
Have you noticed that the famous Emcore letter has totally gone from his website?
Even the more discrete link that he gave above
does not work any more.
Here is an appeal to everyone reading this thread....please spread the word....copy and paste all you like and lets give this scammer all the publicity he craves.
The filthy hypocrit keeps banging on about CO2 and how he alone can save the world...aaaargh.