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Posted By: Mickey191
14-Jul-07 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The 100 greatest movies of all time
Subject: RE: BS: The 100 greatest movies of all tim
Walrus, Trying to understand your thoughts on "West Side Story." (7/14-5:21AM) If one of the two persons playing the lead _doesn't ring true_ how can the story, the love songs and the empathy for the lovers still add up to "a pretty good story?" He (Richard Beymer) was so miscast nothing rang true for me. It would be like Red Skelton playing Hamlet. He might have the soliliquy down pat-but as you watched you keep saying "What the heck is this jerk doing in this play?" The whole of the drama's every aspect is ruined by this subordinate actor. IMO   

I did enjoy your "Maria" joke mucho!
Jenny O, Your 7/13- 10:26am thoughts on "As Good as It Gets" mirror my feelings totally. I love this movie-I can never _not_ watch it if I come across it on tv. Someone further back expressed disdain for it. I wanted to respond in its defense-but couldn't get my thoughts together. You did a great job. Thanks!