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Posted By: alison
11-Apr-00 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Black Velvet Skirt
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BLACK VELVET SKIRT (Ken Robertson)
Here you go..... (BTW the scanner and I remain strangers....)


As I strolled into the Mountain View pub
I'd stopped for a midi or two
I spied a buxom young lady
A'bending to buckle her shoe
My heart it started fast beating,
as I moved over to flirt
Didn't know you fall hard when you follow
The girl in the black velvet skirt

Her eyes they sparkled like opals
She knew how to fill a T-shirt
You can lose much more than your hearts me lads
To the girl in the black velvet skirt

I gave her a wink, she gave me a smile
That would brighten the dullest of days
My body was straining to meet her
To love her in all sorts of ways.
I said "Are you willing and able?"
She said, "That's for you to find out."
She said she drank black label
I said, "I believe it's my shout."

Her eyes they sparkled like opals
Her eyes sparkled wild as the skies
I ached for a girl to light up my world
The girl with the black velvet thighs.

My brain was getting real foggy
As I turned to nibble her ear
While her left hand was squeezing my trousers
Her right hand was spiking my beer
I awoke alone in the gutter
My wallet and watch were both gone
You could say that she took me gently
The black velvet girl in the song.

Her eyes they sparkled like opals
She left me with nothing but hurt
I curse the day I laid eyes on the thighs of
The girl in the black velvet skirt.

©Ken Robertson 16/9/1999

there are a few Aussie-isms in here .....
midi = half a pint (or thereabouts)
it's my shout = my turn to buy a round of drinks