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Posted By: GUEST,Richard
16-Jul-07 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: MC Fat not at Stainsby
Subject: RE: MC Fat not at Stainsby
I hope you chaps and chappeses wont mind if I lend an oar to this thread, even though I am not registered.
I met said MC Fat some years ago at Whitby, the Tap and Stile to be specific.
I have since seen him in "action" at Stainsby,Sheffield,Worral, Warwick and some other events both MC'ing and playing.
Personally I have always enjoyed his style and clear love for folk.
When someone as dedicated to the craft is dismissed behind the cover of a last minute letter I wonder at the character of the instigator of the action.
Far from being a natural folkie, I have been drawn into its wake because all the people I have met so far have been thoughtful, caring people.
This news is not the sort of thing I perhaps naively expect. Credit for loyalty and dedication please. If as it seems you don't respect what someone is doing at least have the decency to discuss it with them directly and positively.
Long live MC Fat at quality festivals