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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
16-Jul-07 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: Kytrad & Doc at Common Ground Fest
Subject: RE: Kytrad & Doc at Common Ground Fest
Dear Voyager, Severn, Dan- all of you, thanks for coming to the Common Ground festival concert- for listening and joining in the very wonderful feeling there. A beautiful festival, and country setting. Getting to know Walt Michael and his friends again was marvelous.
Memories of earlier festivals, for me, made it even better... Best of all of course was sharing a stage once more with Doc! He's just as great, just as friendly, as ever. That old album we made, on our duet job (Doc's first solo gig after leaving Clarence Ashley's band) at Gerdes Folk City is now listed as a CD with Smithsonian Folkways, who took over and now manage Moe Asche's catalogue, if anyone wants to own that record. Roger Sprung was also on the bill, singing some, and accompanying us with banjo. Magic times!

And yes, Dan, I had almost myself forgotten about the Award- what a lovely flute, and how good to be honored by Walt and all his (and my) friends. And what the audience didn't see was my serenade backstage after my set, by two or three flute-players- one of the exotic flutes (for lack of the proper name) so tall it was held almost touching the ground at the bottom end, soaring up over the player's head some two feet into the air. What a deep, mellow voice it had.
I was truly complimented...

Blessings on you all, and thanks again for coming, and reporting!