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Posted By: GUEST,Guest No. Two Squillion
17-Jul-07 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: I Hold Your Hand in Mine (Tom Lehrer)
Subject: Tune Req: 'I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine'
On and off over the years I've played 'I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine' - Tom Lehrer. I even sang it to-for Vin Garbutt and assemebled friends at a party in the early hours of this Millenium.

For some reason, unknown even to me, I 'Googled' it the other night (late) and found some chords that I really liked and I picked up the old Maton and made up a tune to fit the chords and vowed that I would return to it soon.

'Soon' has arrived and I have tried Google and cannot find the chords and hence - the tune that jumped into my head.

I have never heard the Tom Lehrer original. I simply sing it as an old friend of mind used to sing it, which was in 'G' with no Minor chrods. The chords that I saw on Googe had 'Dm" in it, but beyond that I haven't a clue.

Any ideas?

(I know....... It doesn't get any more vague than that does it?)