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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
17-Jul-07 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: I Hold Your Hand in Mine (Tom Lehrer)
Subject: Chords Add: I HOLD YOUR HAND IN MINE (Tom Lehrer)
Here are the chords from Too Many Songs By Tom Lehrer, in the key of F. If you don't know them just ignore the + on the augmented chords and play the basic chord; similarly use m for m7 and D7 for D9 if you don't know them or want to play them.


(Tom Lehrer)

(C7)I hold your hand (C7+)in (F)mine dear,
I (C7)press it to (C7+)my (F)lips
I (A7)take a healthy (Dm)bite from
(D7)Your (G7)dainty finger(C7)tips.

My (C7)joy would be (C7+)com(F)plete, dear
If (C7)you were only (F)here_(Cm)_(D7),
But (Gm)still I keep your (F)hand_(Cm6) (D7)as
A (Gm7)precious (C7)souve(F)nir.

The (Db)night you died I (Ab)cut it off
I (Eb)really (Eb7)don't know (Ab)why_(Ab7)
For (Db)now each time I (Ab)kiss it
I get (G)bloodstains (G7)on my (C7)tie

I'm sorry now (C7+)I (F)killed you
For (F+)our (C7)love was something (F)fine_(F7)
And (Bb)till they (Bbm)come to (F)get me
(D9)I shall (Gm7)hold your (C7)hand in (F)mine.