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Posted By: Soldier boy
17-Jul-07 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: 10th Saddleworth Festival, 2007
Subject: RE: 10th Saddleworth
Tim the Twangler,god bless your enthusiasm and all your work for the good cause of Staithes folk gathering this weekend BUT honestly mate you are on a hiding to nowhere trying to poach regulars of Saddleworth Folk Festival up to Staithes.

If you have ever been to Saddleworth FF you would know that this is a must-do festival and the same true converts to this festival turn up year after year no matter what the weather threatens. They are a truly happy and brilliant set of people and their number keeps growing every year.

The concert and workshop scene is buzzing with rich talent and the singarounds and musician sessions are some of the best I have ever come across.

I usually mainly frequent 'The Fringe' element of the festival (sorry organisers!)and I had considered Staithes folk weekend because it sounds reight down my street and I'm sure I would love it.
If fact I've considered it more than once and even mentioned it to other folkie friends but their reply has always been "Sounds good but it clashes with Saddleworth!"

Saddleworth AND Staithes are two of my favourite places on this planet, but Saddleworth will always win out (and it's only a half hour drive for me over the pennines to Yorkshires' lost but never forgotten little garden of Eden)

It's a shame and a regret that both festivals are on the same weekend.
I know it is very difficult to avoid clashing with other popular festivals over the summer (what summer? I hear you say) but I am sure that if there was some flexibility to move the Staithes event to some other weekend you would get lots of the Saddleworth folk 'fringe' fraternity going to it.
I for one would be up like a shot.
I sincerely wish both festivals every success and hope that they will both continue to prosper and grow in the years ahead.


P.S What exactly did you mean Tim when you said in an earlier comment on this thread "I do believe that it is more traditional to make yer own entertainment so that is what loads of us will be doing while you lot are slumming it and being pampered ....enjoy your commercial merry making..??"

That's not very nice is it?
It seems that the difference between Saddleworth FF goers and Staithes goers is that whilst we are polite, good natured and welcoming, Staithes representatives are inpolite, bad mannered and slag off other festivals because they can't get anyone to come to theirs.
Saddleworth FF over-flows with people making their own entertainment in the pubs and clubs because it has such a robust and very large 'fringe' following which is fully supported,encouraged and accomodated by the festival organisers and hostelries.
IN other words it is an all-inclusive festival that caters for every taste and inclination so eveyone is happy.
So it is obvious from what you have said that you have never been to this festival and know absolutely nothing about it

I would be suprised, Tim the Twangler, if you were an official and acceptable spokesperson for the Staithes festival because,quite frankly, your comments and your attitude actually does this festival more harm than good.
You are a poor and, I'm sure, unwelcomed 'representative' of this festival who would do well to shut up and keep your own counsel.

If however, you really do 'represent' Staithes folk weekend and speak on behalf of other like-minded people,then do you know what?, I would'nt touch it with a barge pole.

The moral of this tale therefore is...there is NO CONTEST folks...get yourselves to The Saddleworth Folk Festival THIS COMING WEEKEND and have yourselves a great time.