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Posted By: GUEST,John Gray / Australia
12-Apr-00 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
There has been a couple of references to the metric system in this thread and it would appear that what the Americans don't know - is their system of length measurement. In 1866 the U.S., by act of Congress, passed a law making legal the metre, the only measure of length that has been legalised by the U.S. gov't. From this a yard was "derived" and fixed at 39.37 inches. The U.S. prototype metres No's 21 & 27 were received from the International Bureau of Weights & Measures in 1889. Metre No. 27 is sealed in a metal case, in a fireproof vault, at the U.S Bureau of Standards. So how come you blokes use feet & inches ?

Seriously though, I first encountered Americans in Subic Bay, 1964,and have met numerous since. Haven't met one I wouldn't go to a BBQ with - even if your beer is lousy. This is caused by brewing it in gallons, and not litres.