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Posted By: Hyperabid
12-Apr-00 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Do Americans know?
Subject: RE: Do Americans know?
Andy and Ted

America is a huge force in world politics in the 20th century just as the UK was a huge force in world politics 100 - 200 years ago. That generates resentment from other nations who feel pushed around as often as not because directly or indirectly they are being pushed around.

UK politicians won't enter into a debate about the legalisation / decriminalisation of soft drugs - a major reason is political pressure from our ally the US who adopt a zero tolerance policy towards recreational substances despite the experience of prohibition. This despite the recommendation of the UKs own police-sponsored charities that criminalising soft drug users is socially pointless.

200 or os years ago the British were busy imposing their will on US consumption habits regarding something known as tea. I gather afternoon beverages and cucumber sandwiches were served in Boston with revolution for desert.

Neither of us are in a position to throw stones at each other here!