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Posted By: Rex
12-Apr-00 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Desert Skies?
Subject: Lyr Add: DESERT SKIES (Toy Caldwell)
Well shoot, they have a lyrics section at the Marshall Tucker site (just stick that between www and com) but it's down. It may not be in there anyway. So I blew the dust off the old album. happy trails, Rex
DESERT SKIES [Toy Caldwell]

Well I'm riding along, singing that same ol' cowboy song
That's been sung a hundred times before
Ain't got nothin' but my name
And I'm the only man I know to blame
But I'm livin', I'm happy, and I'm free.

CHORUS: Just Listen to the wind blow
Let it blow, let it blow
Sand over my trail
I got my saddle on the ground
And that ol' moon he can still be found
Hidin' in the desert sky

I like simple things in life like a prairie breeze,
a good stout horse between my knees
Just being alone, just bein' me
And when I die, let me die with a dream in my mind
A smile on my face and no trouble behind
And no cross on my grave to show my restin' place.


Won't you bury me with my chaps on
And my six gun strapped to my side
So I can watch the moon hidin' in the desert sky
Hidin' in the desert sky
Hidin' in the desert sky
Hidin' in the desert sky.