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Posted By: Mr Happy
23-Jul-07 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: 10th Saddleworth Festival, 2007
Subject: RE: 10th Saddleworth
Just got home!


Ditto all thanks & praise for your dedication on our behalves for making it all such a fab experience.

Had inadvertant midnight roll in the en suite mudbath on Fri night, still digging congealed soil from me glasses frames - lucky 'twas dark or would've made a spectacle of meself!

Could'nt find me tent in the dark & only lights to be seen was the loo block - so ended up spending the night on the floor of mens chaning room - hard - but nice & wqarm & DRY! LUXURY!!

Rest've weakend sessions in the pubs great - met lots 'catters- talented lot aren't we!

Ray Padgett, Muppet & many others had us all in stitches with their most entertaining renditions, & very memorably Sooz's contributions in Con Club last night.

Good place that - big enough for both the massed folkers [did I spell that right?] & also the small but intimate sinaround in the little members bar [no I'd not been peeking!]

Even heard the most fascinating version of 'Danny Boy' from one've the locals with the words & tune of 'Old King Cole' [naughty Boys Brigade version]!!

Can't weight for next time!!