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Posted By: nutty
23-Jul-07 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: 10th Saddleworth Festival, 2007
Subject: RE: 10th Saddleworth
Just arrived home to find some of my pots and baskets wilting for lack of water - ironic in't it.

What a weekend................

Didn't think Saddleworth could get any better but the 10th certainly stood out as the best yet for me.

The Saturday concert in the Museum was superb except that the midges certainly had a good supper - many thanks to whomever invented anti-histamines.


Hissyfit continue to delight with both material and harmonies (I'm so jealous girls)

Scold Bridle, Stanley Accrington, Muldoons Picnic, Jez Lowe, Bryony , Bill and Dave .... in fact everybody - I was not disappointed by one single performer I even heard good reports of the ones that I missed.

Thanks to all who came to the Internet Workshops - now they know more about Mudcat they may even log on and read this.

Thanks also to all the lovely people I meet at these weekend for providing such pleasure.

I'm feeling tired flat and emotional but would like to share this little rhyme with you

When my life is done and my spirit's at rest
And there's nothing on earth that can save me
Don't weep and don't mourn
Send me off with a song
And reflect on the pleasure that knowing you gave me.