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Posted By: Little Hawk
24-Jul-07 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Remember the Alamo?
Subject: RE: Remember the Alamo?
Great post, Uncle Phil! I always enjoy hearing from someone who is willing to look beneath the surface, check out all the angles, and be even-handed in interpreting them.

In addition to his heavy losses at the Alamo, Santa Ana made the further error of dividing his remaining forces unnecessarily before marching to his catastrophic defeat at San Jacinto. I get the impression he was a very overconfident and reckless commander. He must have thought that since he was fighting mere irregulars ("piratas" as he called them), he had no reason to respect their prowess in the field.

Perhaps he got that idea due to previous victories he had scored against rebellious forces in Mexico. At any rate, the "Napoleon of the West" certainly miscalculated.

If he had accepted the surrender of some of the defenders of the Alamo...which might well have happened if he had offered decent terms...he would also not have aroused such a violently vengeful reaction in the army of the Texicans. And he would have had a few bargaining chips for negotiation.

Again, Santa Ana seems not to have been interested in negotiating with "piratas"... He set the stage perfectly for his own comeuppance.