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25-Jul-07 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
Subject: RE: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
It's not a 'man-hating bit'.
It is a fact that some but by no means all men hold this view. It's a power thing.
It does not, on the other hand, 'suit' any woman to be disempowered and thus prevented from deciding which is the best course in her personal circumstances.
Nothing 'emotive' about it.
Nor is it a new concept.
Women's lack of choice and control has been a feature of popular song for a very long time and will doubtless continue to be so for the forseeable future.
I would oppose only the dissemination of those songs which seek to impose a discriminatory pressure and reduce a woman's right to choose, not to have the subject not being addressed at all.