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Posted By: Bernard
25-Jul-07 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
Subject: RE: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
'Folk' is historically a platform for people to air their views, not just in recent times. If we disagree with the views or sentiments of the writer, that is our choice, just as it is the choice of the writer/performer to express those views.

Songs are often deeply rooted in the writer's passionate beliefs... Ewan MacColl, John Tams, Leon Rosselson, Jez Lowe, Allan Taylor, Ted Edwards, George Papavgeris... to name but a few.

Okay, they want to change the world, and the world may not want to change... but that does not make it right to censor someone's ideals just because we disagree. By the same token, though, we should not be forced to listen to the views of others because of emotional blackmail - 'you don't agree with my point of view, therefore you are stupid/unfeeling/fascist/communist/(insert whatever you like!)...'