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Posted By: Big Mick
25-Jul-07 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
Subject: RE: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
I must agree with Diane on this, redsnapper. This isn't about censorship at all. And the group that is attempting a public campaign to get Vin back in the lineup is also legitimate. If someone was forbidding Vin to express his opinion, we might have a reason for outrage. That is not what we have here. We have a concert promoter who has a finite number of spots. Said promoter is filling those spots based on what will satisfy his customers. There are more performers desiring to perform than slots available. One performer, by virtue of some of the music he performs, would alienate the audience the promoter needs. Hence the promoter goes in a different direction, while the performer continues to express his beliefs and principles in song, but not at this venue. The group trying to get the promoter to bring the performer back is doing exactly the right thing. If they can demonstrate that they want to hear Vin and the advantages to having him outweigh the disadvantages, then the promoter might relent.

My views on women's rights aside, Vin has every right to use the music to expand on his personal beliefs. And women have every right to respond to those views.