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Posted By: Steve Shaw
25-Jul-07 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
Subject: RE: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge

"Steve Shaw,

I have a considerable problem with the idea that someone cannot express their legitimate (his views are not illegal although very many will not agree with them) views on any platform. That smacks of totalitarianism to me."

I have a considerable problem with the fact that any showbiz type, by virtue of the fact that they are a showbiz type, can use the platform they have achieved to pontificate/proselytise about their pet issues, which may have precious little to do with what they do to entertain people.   You and I cannot do this, not because we have less legitimate views than the showbiz type, but because we do not happen to have access to that platform. Vin's use of his platform to propagate ideas that are utterly opposed to the rights of women is completely inappropriate, and it is he who is being undemocratic by so doing. There is little opportunity for riposte save walking out of his concerts.   It is laughable to suggest that we who rail against such behaviour smack of totalitarianism.   If anything, it's the other way round.