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26-Jul-07 - 06:01 AM
Thread Name: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
Subject: RE: Real story of Vin Garbutt & Cambridge
It's definitely happened- Vin Garbutt is no longer a folk musician, he's an Issue. And the Issue is Murdering Babies, with no ifs or buts. And since the Paedocaust is a political issue, and one of the extreme right, he will be identified with that part of the political spectrum. I doubt if he meant to be that way, but he can't pick his supporters.

So however it was before this campaign, henceforth anyone booking him will be wise to consider the kind of clientele he will attract.

Note that I'm not saying that all people against abortion are of the extreme right, or that there is no debate to be had. But once it has become an Issue, people take extreme positions. If, as some have already done, you claim that there is no fuzzy margin between life and not- life, that fertilisation creates a human being with all that that entails, you should examine whether you have not already taken an extreme position. Similarly, the argument that a foetus is not a person until birth, that is another extreme.

I suspect that few take either of those positions on careful thought, so the issue becomes one of judgement of grey areas, and the balancing of one person's rights, health and life against another's.

By the way, to allow debaters to make an informed judgement, can anyone post the lyrics to the "offending" songs? As Vin wishes to get a message across, I'm sure he wouldn't quibble about copyright.