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Posted By: Uncle Phil
26-Jul-07 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: Remember the Alamo?
Subject: RE: Remember the Alamo?
I like "Remember the Alamo" and have known it forever. But I wonder why no one ever wrote a better song about the Alamo or why there isn't a really great folk song associated with it. It just seems like there should be one.
- Phil

Stray dogs and cats:
Maggie – love the Texas History Online link, especially since they have entries for the Lightcrust Doughboys, Earnest Tubb, Big Mama Thornton, Bob Wills, etc. I showed it to Michelle, but she already had it bookmarked. I would have posted this yesterday if I hadn't spent so much time browsing there.

Uncle Phil - I am appalled to see that you attributed the "die in these ditches" quote to Travis. It is a quote from a letter written by Bowie, you fool.

Guest - Menger Hotel, Gunter Hotel. Lots of good German names in ole San Antone. I reckon that when I die, if I've lead a good life, I'll go to the bar in the Menger Hotel.

Mark – Louis Rose was a real guy. He fought in Napoleon's army and in other battles in Texas. His name appears as a witness in land claims for the heirs of Alamo defenders, so it seems folks in his own time believed that he was at the Alamo during the siege and trusted him. No evidence that his contemporaries considered him to be "yellow" for leaving the Alamo. Clever play on words, though. I'll probably borrow it sometime.

Michael – No deep thought was involved in that speculation; it's just interesting to consider on how historic events tie together. Beer helps. However, I sure do believe that world history and maps in the 20th Century were greatly influenced, for good or ill, by what a small group of colonists did in Texas in 1836.

LH – There are some puzzles about Texas Revolution that we will never know that answers to. Why Santa Anna divided his forces is a puzzle. Houston allowing Mexican reinforcements to arrive before attacking at San Jacinto and Santa Anna attacking the Alamo just before his heavy artillery arrived in SA are a couple other puzzles.

It's clear that Santa Anna underestimated the Texican irregulars. He spent a lot of time putting down revolutions in other parts of Mexico and may have assumed that he was facing the same sort of opposition.