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Posted By: GUEST,cobra
26-Jul-07 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: Lack of Folk Music on BBC - thoughts
Subject: RE: Lack of Folk Music on BBC - thoughts
First off, it is encouraging that you have been invited to talk on air as a consequence of a complaint. That tells me there may well be a receptive ear at the BBC for proper consideration of the "folk" agenda. Problem is, the definition of what constitutes "folk" would have to reflect a very broad church, with many styles and even more regional inputs.

Your invitation to appear shows, once more, that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. The reality is that there needs to be a bottom-up approach to this as well as top-down. In other words, get in touch with your local BBC viewers/ listeners forum and loby for programming which reflects local music, musicians and events. If that means taking a portable recorder into local venues, so be it. We are blessed with a wealth of local variety and enthusiasm around the place and there is no-one better to big this up than the people who keep music alive on the ground. Yes, mudcatters, this means you!

There is, indeed, some excellent input at national level from the likes of Maconie and Mark whatsisname (is it just me, or does his speech pattern remind anyone else of a young Bruce Forsyth?) and others. R3 and R4 also have their moments. But that is precisely ehat they are.... moments. I would be willing to bet that an upsurge of enthusiastic and informed local input would lead, in fairly short order, to some sort of debate on national programming. And that can only be good for music and the local "folk) arts overall.

Good luck with the discussion.