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Posted By: Folkiedave
26-Jul-07 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Lack of Folk Music on BBC - thoughts
Subject: RE: Lack of Folk Music on BBC - thoughts
I suspect I am not going to have a great deal of time. We are probably talking about a ten minute slot for four people.

I am really grateful for your thoughts and a consensus seems to be emerging for which I am really very grateful.

What I shall probably say is something like this and I would now like your thoughts on this........

There is a place for traditional music on all networks. Woman's Hour has a policy of inviting successful women performers on and these have got taken up by "Pick of the Week" so it must be interesting listeners. Radio 2 has its "folk" slot and Radio 3 plays some traditional music on "Late Junction". Radio Four had that programme about "Bright Phoebus", "Singer not the Song" a series about young Scottish musicians and another about Irish music.

At the same time there is a resurgence of interest in traditional music, there are lots of young and astonishingly good performers, and this is not reflected in BBC output. The very audience producers seek - young people. I hear on regional broadcasting in Scotland and I hear and I hear it on regional broadcasting on N.Irish radio.

So here we have a new wave of interest in traditional music all over England that I do not see reflected on BBC radio - who are supposed to reflect their community. The place where you can find a lot of young folk musicians is Newcastle on the Performance Degree Course. The place where local radio has just shut down its local folk programme. (Which of course was the cause of my original complaint).

Thoughts please - and let me say you have all been wonderful so far. I am lucky to have such supportive comments.