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Posted By: GUEST,Art Thieme
27-Jul-07 - 01:21 AM
Thread Name: Harris and the Mare - murder or not?
Subject: RE: Harris and Mare - murder or not?
Yes, in certain of his songs, Stan seemed to enjoy pushing folks' buttons and, also, pushing their noses in the possibilities that their rather emotional p.c. stands, given the "right" situations, might prove hard to live up to. I always thought these songs were almost personal protest songs for Stan. I think he probably enjoyed it a bunch when his songs, on whatever topic, made folks squirm some. The songs also made people think that the world wasn't as polarized and as black-and-white certain as they thought. Hearing Stan sing these songs actually showed vividly that the color GRAY, itself, has many important and unique variations. It made me see the value of making a spontaneous and emotional snap judgment throw to second base if the guy running was to be called out. (Pardon the mixed metaphors. It's late and I ought to get to bed.)

Thanks to all you Mudcatters, and to Stan, for giving me musical things to ruminate upon now that I'm unable to make the music.

As the old cowboy song says, "I'm a better man for just the knowin' of you!"

Art Thieme