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Posted By: Sorcha
28-Jul-07 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Airlines Hate instruments
Subject: RE: BS: Airlines Hate instruments
I don't know for sure and can't prove it, but I'm sure it was the conveyer belts in Denver Intl Air that shattered my bow case. It was the heavy cardboard liner from a roll of carpet.

Now, I have a 1/4" wall PVC pipe with one end glued on, the other is threaded. Permanent marker with arrows that say >>>>> OPEN HERE.

Yes, USPS insurance is outraegeous. $8 per $100. And I had to fight like hell to even get the $100 that I paid for. Package was returned to me by the shop I'd sent it to, they refused to accept it. I took my camera and had the PostMistress open in and took pics of her doing so. They still argued! I finally got the lousy $100 tho.

Have 2 new 'ok' bows, but will never be able to afford to replace one of the ones that was shattered.