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Posted By: Micca
29-Jul-07 - 05:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ozzie Catter coming to Ontario
Subject: RE: BS: Ozzie Catter coming to Ontario
Jennie, if your SO likes red try and find a winery called" Henry of Pelham" and try their "Bacco Noir" it is an unusual grape variety that you dont meet every day!! it is SO intensely purple that you can see the colour on the glass after you have drunk it and is very pleasent too. I sneaked a bottle into a blind tasting at the Wine society and watched EVERYONE fail not only to identify the country of origin but the grape also,
But the real Star of the Show is Ice wine, the grapes have to be gathered after a minimum of 4 days of the temperature being of below freezing (this is a statutory requirement eo be able to call it Icewine) and they are pressed still frozen so that the water content is much reduced, this yields a very rich must and produces an incredible wine of intense and subtle flavour. Mostly sweet and white I'm afraid but perfect chilled with the dessert on Christmas Day. It is expensive and comes in 1/3 sized bottles. but is something you HAVE to try!!! and worth every cent.
BTW I didnt slag of the Maid of the Mists, it is simply the Toown of Niagara Falls that is Tackiness made solid.