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Posted By: kendall
29-Jul-07 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: GPS systems for cars
Subject: RE: GPS systems for cars
When Jacqui and I landed in Sacramento CA. it was late afternoon. By the time we got the rental car it was also raining. Lucky for us we had opted for a GPS. It was a Garman, and it got us to Nevada City without a hitch. They are much cheaper now than the one we bought right after getting home.
You can have your maps; they are great for an area with only one road, but a congested city like Sacramento at night with nothing but a "map light" to read the map with, no way. I will never go back to maps.
Midchuck, it would have been ok for you to mention her name. I have had a problem or two with the GPS, and it is always a matter of interpretation. You must do EXACTLY as the voice tells you to do.

I,m often reminded of the words spoken by Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

I called the one in CA "The bitch in the box." she had an English accent and a few words were meaningless to me.

The new one has the same name as my ex wife, Lois.