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Posted By: Grab
30-Jul-07 - 07:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Airlines Hate instruments
Subject: RE: BS: Airlines Hate instruments
Rap, you beat me to it! :-)

The Hiscox case for my spare acoustic has a nice bish on the headstock end from some baggage handler. Never bothered to claim because the rest of the case was still OK, the instrument was undamaged and I couldn't be doing with the hassle. Luckily I only fly with instruments I can afford to lose. I sometimes travel with a mandola instead of a guitar, because the mandola can go as carry-on.

IIRC, the problem with claiming for damage is that because there's no way of proving who caused the damage (two sets of baggage handlers plus damage on the plane itself), there's some international convention on claiming for damaged baggage. It's based on weight not value, so a Stradivarius is going to get you a lot less compensation than a tea-chest bass.