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Posted By: Grab
30-Jul-07 - 08:46 AM
Thread Name: GPS systems for cars
Subject: RE: GPS systems for cars
I've been passenger with a few people who've had one. The only time there was a problem, the driver was too busy yammering to follow the satnav telling him to turn off. He then blamed the satnav for sending him the wrong way. :-/

I prefer a map for cross-country route-finding - the computer generally doesn't know that road A is faster than road B, or that junction X is always a swine. But anyone who prefers a map for navigating through a town is essentially an unguided missile waiting for an obstacle to hit whilst they're looking down at the book. I personally hate finding my way through towns using a road atlas - if I did any serious amount of travelling, I'd be getting myself a satnav just for that.