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Posted By: Geoff Wallis
30-Jul-07 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: Where is 'Laugh and Half-Daft' (Wales)?
Subject: RE: Where is 'Laugh and Half-Daft' (Wales)?
Here you go.

Cran's Seán Corcoran learnt the song from one of his two great mentors, Mary Ann Carolan from County Louth, and definitely reckons that its title is a 'surreal and mischievous re-working' of Llandaff.

I've come from Laugh-an-Half-Daft and half o'er the Welsh mountains
Where the leeks and the violets and the nanny-goats dwell.
I've come here in search of a lovely young maiden
And where she has gone to I'm sure I can't tell.

She's the pride of her gender, her waist small and slender,
Her hair is magenta and she squints with one eye.
She talks like a parson, she sings like a nightingale,
And if I don't find her I'm sure I will die.

Chorus (i.e. the next four lines)

So, I'll weep and I'll wander o'rer hills and o'er mountains
In search of my Jinny - O, where can she be?
I'll weep and I'll wander o'rer hills and o'er mountains
In search of my Jinny - O, where can she be?

Her home and her family are highly respected,
Her mother milks cows on a three-legged stool.
Her father's a farmer, her aunt is a lady,
Her uncle's a rogue and her brother's a fool.

I courted sweet Jenny, I told her I loved her,
We were to be married upon a May morn,
But there came a young soldier from the Royal Artillery
And on the next morning my Jenny was gone.


O, say have you seen her? To you I'll describe her:
She wears a red petticoat and a hat on her head,
She moves when she's walking, she speaks when she's talking,
Her handkerchief's lettered O, P, X, Y, Z.

I searched through the mountains, I searched the valleys,
I climbed Carrauntoohill, I looked up in the air,
I searched holes and corners, I read through the papers,
I looked up the chimney, but found her nowhere.

So, farewell to you Jenny, you've gone with your soldier,
I never will find you wherever you be.
No more will I wander o'er hills and o'er mountains,
Farewell to you Jenny wherever you be.